Monday, July 21, 2008

Udderly Cool Day

Last Saturday we got the whole crew up early and headed to the farm, Cagel's Dairy Farm that is.

Cagel's is a local working dairy farm. You can actually take tours and watch cows being milked, the milk bottled, then take some home with you as they sell their product locally.

Later this fall we'll try and not get lost in what Cagel's bill as the 'World's Largest Cornfield Maize'. Good times indeed!

We were to come by the farmers market Cagel's host on Saturday mornings and do a bit of shopping. My friend from Mamzie Bakery was selling homemade breads and muffins that she makes using wheat she grinds herself. Talk about Yummie!

Once we picked up various staples including a most delicious assortment of tomatoes (oh the joy of homegrown tomatoes!) We were in need of breakfast. We left the house far too early for our regular Pancake Saturday extravaganza, so this called for an adventure.

We broke out of the chain restaurant box and shared a scrumptious meal at a local place, The Serene Bean. The SB has a fantastic assortment of fresh breakfast treats. We sampled a mini coffee cake made with cream cheese and just picked blueberries.

The Bean part of the name, oh yes coffees galore. I had one of the Cappuccinos I've had in I'm not sure when. This little place is big on ambiance and flavor. Laid back and friendly. Thinks the Central Perk meets small, southern town.

Afterwords, we strolled over to the Foxtale Book Shoppe. We had driven by this store many times, but never made it through the doors until Saturday. The investigation did not disappoint. Quaint, cute and with a surprising inventory.

We ended up buying a great book of poetry and a copy of The Shack. I have been hearing very good things about this book, but hadn't put it on my reading list. Big mistake.

Late Saturday afternoon, I started what I thought would be a cursory look only to be quickly drawn into the story. Were it not for the likelihood falling asleep in church Sunday morning, there's no doubt I would have stayed up thru the night to finish it. Whoa, it is some good readin!
If you can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or library. You'll thank me.

Well, gotta run. I have an invitation to play my first official golf game this week, and me and my posse got some practicing to do.

Until later,


mbaker1221 said...

Hey girl!!!!

Glad you enjoyed Cagles...sounds like fun. We haven't done the dairy tour yet.

How did golf go? I'm thinking about taking it up myself...

GratefulinGA said...

We'll see how the golf is going this FIRST 9 holes. My goal is to complete all nine with as little damage as possible to the grounds or my companions. Been writing about it over here.

Our fall study beginning August 20th is "Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On" by Stormie Omartian. I'll send you the flyer. You should join us if you can, the lessons are a blast, but the study and fellowship are awesome.