Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pancake Saturday

Nothin says Saturday at our house more than...


Not just any old pancakes mind you...

No sir-ee Bob and Larry!

Round here it's a menagerie of

flowers, hearts, smiley faces, dinosaurs, teddy bears, spiders, snakes, amoebas, tree frogs...

You name it...we make it!

Well, actually Pawpaw and Kyra do.

For instance this mornings creations included

Baby Turtle

There was a large turtle, but sadly, it was eaten before I could photograph it :(

Elephant (Head)

And....drum roll pleeease....

Screaming mouth!

please take note of Screamy's hangy down thing at the back of the throat!

Such Artistry indeed!

And lastly, but certainly NOT least...

The Drop Pancake...

so named as it requires plopping the last of the batter on a hot grill in such a way to create a beautiful swirly pattern on the bottom.

Pancake gotta love it!

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