Monday, June 16, 2008


Last week at this time I was meeting 21 of the sweetest 4 and 5 year old's ever.

We would spend 5 days together, from 8:30am to 12ish pm. We all would learn many bible verses, make crafts, sing songs old and new, dance ourselves silly (including the hula and Chicken Limbo!), perform a bit of drama (planned and otherwise), eat lots of tropical themed goodies and learn a lot about God and His love for us.

In case you haven't guessed it was VBS week.

What a blast!

Exhausting in the very best way...but a complete blast!

I saw and learned things I would never have known were it not for this experience.

Who knew in recreating the birth of Christ, nothing says Glory to God more than, 3 Mary's, 3 baby Jesus, 2 Josephs, 1 Inn Keeper, 2 Shepherds, 3 sheep, 1 grown Jesus, 1 Cousin Elizabeth with baby John the baptist (although it was pointed out by one precocious 5 year old, he was NOT the baptist YET!) and 5 angels in a palm tree!

What a blessing!

Several of these children have been in church since birth, ergo Cousin Elizabeth and baby John. Others, not so much...but they all were so excited to know Him.

Also, if you give a child a mission... say to bring dry and canned foods for missions. They will clean out the pantry at home and fill our class box to overflowing!

Or how about taking home their daily lesson card with activities to be worked at home with their parents or siblings and brought back each day to review and...claim a surprise? It is amazing what a little praise and a few tropical tattoos will produce!

These little folks blew my heart and mind with their recollection of 3 different verses each day, and details of 5 different stories. It was so exciting and the very thing that kept this tired, old grandma dragging her sorry self up each day. In they came with faces a glow ready and waiting for more of the Word.

I loved it! Can you tell?

Finally, on Thursday we presented the gospel to the class, and wonder of wonders, you could have heard a pin drop during the entire thing! All I can say is, that was God! In that entire week we had never had that level of concentration and participation. A few in the group told how they had already ask Jesus in their hearts, one telling how she was to be baptised soon, another sharing that she now was praying for other unsaved family and friends.

Oh, it was precious!

Will I serve again next summer...Are you kidding??

Unless God wills otherwise, count me in! This is what it's all about!

Thank you Lord for allowing me the privilege!


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