Friday, June 27, 2008

Will you take the Challenge?

I just found this and like anything really good it should be shared!
Let me know if will join me in taking this challenge.

istock_000003950759xsmall.jpgJesus told a story about ten lepers who were healed. Only one returned to say “thank you.” I hope I am always the one.

We are where we are because of people God has put in our lives.

I challenge you to make a list of ten people who have influenced you and write them each a personal note of gratitude.

Your list might include:

  • Your mom or dad.

  • Your grandparents.

  • Your fifth grade teacher, your eighth grade coach, or your preaching professor from seminary.

  • Your youth pastor from childhood, the speaker who came to your youth camp, or the volunteer leader who listened to you when you were hurting.

  • Your friend who prayed for you daily.

  • The author of some book that touched your life in a deep way.

  • Some pastor you’ve never met but feeds you spiritually weekly on your iPod.

  • Some person who said one thing that encouraged you when you needed it.

Who are a few of the people for whom you’re grateful? When are you going to write that letter you’ve been putting off?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look for it at the Olympics

My granddaughter and I have a little thing we do once in while that started when she was oooh so much smaller...

when she was one or so.

We would make nests.

From birth this girl was a snuggler and cuddler, which is sooo nice!

The girl loved to be rocked, sung to, craddled

and she loved a good the nest.

Let me explain...Nesting consisted of the following:

I would lay down, on my side on the sofa, with knees bent.

She would crawl into the crook between my bent knees and the heels of my feet.

We would pile a cover over her...just like wings...up around her, and she would rest her head on my thigh.

We have done this many times as she...ehh we

Told stories, listened to Laurie Berkner or Jack Johnson, or watched a bit of 'Noggin'.

It was so 'tweet'!

As she and I have have gotten older and larger, I now find I must stretch my legs and scoot out a bit away from the cushions to give my baby bird more room.

So far, it is working fine and we have never come up short...

no one has ended up in the floor.

Yesterday, after several
rounds of

Boogie Board-Hula Hoop-Surfing (look for it at the Olympics) where she assured me she had many good

'Wipe ups'.

she finally came in, changed into warm dry clothes, then informed me she was cold and tired, and asked if we could pleeease build a nest?

We had not 'nested' in quite some time.

So with much tears, twisting of arms, gnashing of teeth...mine...not hers!
I acquiesces, got a warm throw, sat on the

couch and waited for my birdie to light beneath me.

She did!

I then wrapped her well, covering her with my 'wings'.

Oh the delight! She beamed, she glowed...

"I love when we nest!"

Very shortly, she fell asleep.


I love to nest too.

To snuggle neath my Heavenly Fathers large and never ending wings!

Oh the sweetness of it!

His ever present, gentle, strength and love.

I know beyond any doubt

He will keep me safe, warm and never let me fall off!

Yes, me too...I Love when we Nest!

"Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings"
Psalm 17:8

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's her Birthday

It's her Birthday.

Today, I give myself the gift of remembering.

As I linger over memorabilia, her sweet purse, flip-flops, jewelry...the rings she worn on her little fingers, every kind of photo, I watch mini-movies, listen to her favorite tunes...

I smile...

I weep...

I long to have just one more LONG hug.

To drink her in just a tiny bit more....

Oh... I can still feel her.
The smooth texture and coolness of her skin. Her firm loving hug as she reminded me

"Don't you know what an awesome Mom you are? You are... and I love you so much."

We cried and laughed together...mother and daughter...

We had no idea...

but You did.

Thank You for these many in her last days.

As I sit on the back porch taking in the fresh air, this yard full of color...roses, gardenias, butterfly bushes, the enormous hydrangea bush she gave me that last Mothers Day...
As the bird lift their voices to You...

I recall some of our final conversations...

on the very day she left our home for yours.

Long, beautiful discussions.

I see her so vividly...
and I can hear her sweet voice...
her laughter today.

Oh, Thank You Lord!

We talked about her life up to that day...
we talked a lot about You.
It was a most incredible and blessed conversation....
ending when she jumped into my lap...and another long hug...
like when she was a little girl.
You remember...

You were there.

How precious Lord, the gift of memory...

what a blessing!

Thank You...Thank You so very much!

Lord, help me to be grateful for all the memories of her life...give me strength and courage to continue to make new ones. And in all ways give You glory.

In Jesus precious name,

"Sorrow is better than laughter, for by sadness of countenance the heart is made glad" Ecclesiastes 7:3

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pancake Saturday

Nothin says Saturday at our house more than...


Not just any old pancakes mind you...

No sir-ee Bob and Larry!

Round here it's a menagerie of

flowers, hearts, smiley faces, dinosaurs, teddy bears, spiders, snakes, amoebas, tree frogs...

You name it...we make it!

Well, actually Pawpaw and Kyra do.

For instance this mornings creations included

Baby Turtle

There was a large turtle, but sadly, it was eaten before I could photograph it :(

Elephant (Head)

And....drum roll pleeease....

Screaming mouth!

please take note of Screamy's hangy down thing at the back of the throat!

Such Artistry indeed!

And lastly, but certainly NOT least...

The Drop Pancake...

so named as it requires plopping the last of the batter on a hot grill in such a way to create a beautiful swirly pattern on the bottom.

Pancake gotta love it!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Last week at this time I was meeting 21 of the sweetest 4 and 5 year old's ever.

We would spend 5 days together, from 8:30am to 12ish pm. We all would learn many bible verses, make crafts, sing songs old and new, dance ourselves silly (including the hula and Chicken Limbo!), perform a bit of drama (planned and otherwise), eat lots of tropical themed goodies and learn a lot about God and His love for us.

In case you haven't guessed it was VBS week.

What a blast!

Exhausting in the very best way...but a complete blast!

I saw and learned things I would never have known were it not for this experience.

Who knew in recreating the birth of Christ, nothing says Glory to God more than, 3 Mary's, 3 baby Jesus, 2 Josephs, 1 Inn Keeper, 2 Shepherds, 3 sheep, 1 grown Jesus, 1 Cousin Elizabeth with baby John the baptist (although it was pointed out by one precocious 5 year old, he was NOT the baptist YET!) and 5 angels in a palm tree!

What a blessing!

Several of these children have been in church since birth, ergo Cousin Elizabeth and baby John. Others, not so much...but they all were so excited to know Him.

Also, if you give a child a mission... say to bring dry and canned foods for missions. They will clean out the pantry at home and fill our class box to overflowing!

Or how about taking home their daily lesson card with activities to be worked at home with their parents or siblings and brought back each day to review and...claim a surprise? It is amazing what a little praise and a few tropical tattoos will produce!

These little folks blew my heart and mind with their recollection of 3 different verses each day, and details of 5 different stories. It was so exciting and the very thing that kept this tired, old grandma dragging her sorry self up each day. In they came with faces a glow ready and waiting for more of the Word.

I loved it! Can you tell?

Finally, on Thursday we presented the gospel to the class, and wonder of wonders, you could have heard a pin drop during the entire thing! All I can say is, that was God! In that entire week we had never had that level of concentration and participation. A few in the group told how they had already ask Jesus in their hearts, one telling how she was to be baptised soon, another sharing that she now was praying for other unsaved family and friends.

Oh, it was precious!

Will I serve again next summer...Are you kidding??

Unless God wills otherwise, count me in! This is what it's all about!

Thank you Lord for allowing me the privilege!


Friday, June 6, 2008

You don't tug on Supermans cape

There are some things you best not do.

That old Jim Croce song is missing a line. You know the one, it goes

'You don't tug on Superman's Cape, you don't spit in the wind, you don't pull the mask off that old Long Ranger' ...and you don't stand during rehearsal of a Patriotic Medley...this last part, in my humble opinion would be the missing line.

I really do not set out every morning to find something goofy to fall into...these things find me!


It's a gift!

In my mind...(scary place that it is)...what could be better when cuttin lose singin some mighty fine patriotic choruses than standing up!

When a trusted choir buddy says 'let's stand up!'

I'm all over that!

I mean a musical montage paying tribute to our fine service men and women as well as the country I love and they protect...I so love it!

Plus, if you ARE going to sing the theme song for all uhhh..let me count 'em...Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines...yah, six! Count 'em 6 branches of the military! need a lot of wind! The best breathing and singing is done... standing up!

Warning: This is NOT what you should do*.

No... because the next day you might be ask which branch you served in...'was it the Marines, someone said you were in the Marines'. 'You never told me...I didn't know you were in the Marines.'.

Umm..I was? Not!

Here is the cause of confusion:

Apparently there is some tradition that folks who HAVE served in the military like to stand up when their song is sung...

Picture this please, a large rehearsal room, a group of 200 or so. Many rose throughout the group, only to eventually sit down again.

I figured they tired out or gave up trying to get Everybody up... like when people attempt to give a standing ovation or try to start 'the wave' at sporting events...if you can't get the rest of the crowd to join in, most often you sit back down...give it up!

My faithful little group stood til the end unknowingly causing a bit of confusion for quite a few fellow members..

In retrospect, I did received quite a few extra nods and pats on the back last night... apparently it was NOT my extraordinary vocal performance or my magnetic personality...oh well.

Thanks Noreena!

*Of course ignore this advise completely if you are or have been a member of our military. Thank You and God Bless You for your service!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A most incredible trip and family I cherish

Wow, talk about your wild trips! My near miss Thursday morning should have been an indicator of what was to come. Nothing had me prepared for this past weekend chucked full of family, fun and surprises! I'm still amazed!

Friday morning we headed to the airport all of 2 hours early, after checking in and loading up everything but the children the night before. We encountered a bit more of our glorious Atlanta morning traffic than I had planned for, not a good sign of things to come.

Shortly I discovered my belief that I could check the aforementioned 3 bags (2 large /1 small) at the curb was false. I was informed by a dutiful Atlanta officer, if I attempted to leave my parked car with grandchildren in it and check my bags directly in front of said parking place, I would be towed away, car, not me. I guess along with the children...I don't know... I left before finding out.

We then headed back around the airport, terminal exit and entrance to find a parking place, hopefully somewhere close. I found myself praying for that illusive spot, at the same time wondering just how I was going to get my crew and all our travel gear into the terminal at ALL... much less in time for our flight. I had truly Scarlet moment, we would think about the flight...later.

Once a space was found, we set about the task of utilizing the baby stroller using every available limb to pile, push and pull our belongings into the airport. In retrospect I recall passing an abandoned baggage cart or two while cruising the parking garage, I'm not sure where I would have put it, but I really shoulda grab me one!

Instead, please visualize a Joovy stroller like this one
piled with one large suitcase, one small princess suitcase, a diaper bag, purse and laptop bag strung to the handles. All the while my grandson sat calmly under his convertible hood with the above mentioned princess bag on top.

I assigned my granddaughter the task of pushing the luggage float, as near to me as I dared while I pulled the remaining large and small adult bags, guiding our caravan while spotting the Princess bag as it balanced precariously back and forth with the not so steady motion of our trek. We did keep our guardian angels busy!

I would like to report that my 5 year old grandchild navigated each hill, twist and turn of the path from garage to terminal with a song in her heart, a skip in her step, and a smile on her precious face, but that would be a lie. Instead, she rightfully questioned "are we almost there?" beginning 50 feet into our journey and thus continuing until we made it inside the terminal doors a good 800 feet or more later.

Our progress was ooh so slow, creeping pulling and pushing, all the while I encouraged my granddaughter, "Come on Sweetie! We have to have the bags checked 45 minutes before departure. We can do it!!" in the most peppy Grandma voice I could muster. I was oblivious to the strains and aches calling out from every joint and muscle of my body. I was operating on pure adrenaline!

(It should be noted we encountered several groups of travelers who both ignored and found amusement in our parade. Sadly one group even cut us off at the final leg as we crossed the gateway, (instead of using the OTHER set of doors. ) to which my grandchild yelled "Hey!"

Immediately inside the doorway we were able to procure a luggage cart, and pile everything we could on it. We each grabbed a buggy and headed for the elevator...yes the elevator! We were of coarse on the wrong level for baggage check-in. We waited our turn, caught our collective breath, then took a ride up.

Once the doors opened we maneuver out and headed to our ticket/check in counter. There were many agents with many more lines backed up and waiting. A airline employee asked where we were headed and our flight time.

'Oh, you won't make that flight, you will have to get on standby for a later one'. We were just at the 45 minute cutoff.

'It doesn't matter. Here get in this line.' as she directed us to what we later understood to be the 'special' line, and I don't mean blue plate special!

We then waited with other 'special' folks who for whatever reason, found themselves spending a bit more time in our fine city. For the next hour we waited and waited...and waited.

The little guys were doing remarkably well, although now getting just a tad tired of staying in one place with neither food, milk or water. My grandson is not accustom to being confined in his stroller while not going somewhere. It got a bit ugly, thrown and crushed goldfish, one lost 'Squeaky' shoe...sad, really sad.

Eventually, we were put on standby status for a flight 3 hours later.

Ever had to entertained a toddler and 5 year old at the airport for 3 hours? You don't want to do it. Challenging...really challenging!

We managed to pass the time and get new seats on the next flight. Just as we completed our gate check in, another set of passengers passed out (one) and fell down (both). It might have been comical except that it appeared very serious. The airport paramedics arrived and assure us the pair would NOT be making this flight.

Once on board we located our new seats: In the 'children's section' of the plane (the rear). We, along with about 8 other babies and small children.

One little gal was screaming her lungs out for all she was worth and we had not even left the ground. My grandson found this mildly entertaining, choosing not chime in at the time. We waited some more.

Soon it was 30 minutes past the scheduled take off time, the doors were closed and still we sat, my grandson had now joined the chorus, well actually took lead vocals of the cry fest that ultimately ensued. My little man just wanted 'down'. What was the hold up?

Suddenly the doors are open again and who should come in but the ailing twosome. Both sufficiently recovered to join us after all. Mystery solved!

The remainder of the flight I got to play 'wrestle mania' with my grandson (he does not sleep well anywhere but his bed) and arrived at Lambert Airport with a natural rosy glowing complexion compliments of my little guy.

By the time we arrived some 4 plus hours later we were all ready for naps...but that was not to be. Instead, we just had time to wipe off, grab a quick bite, change clothes and head to downtown St. Louis for a trip up in

the Gateway Arch (a first for all the grands),

and a Cardinal game.

We all had the best time. A real blast!! Truly. The kids were fabulous, the game was wonderful, Albert hit a home run, the Cards beat the Pirates soundly, and we got out and into our van just before torrential rains and lightening storms blasted the city. The ride home was beautiful... a real light show! We slept sooo good!

The next afternoon, we had tickets for 'Go Diego Go Live'. The fellas and children hung out at our suite while my darling daughter in law Elizabeth and I went shopping for party supplies. I had shipped many directly to her and brought gifts and more (ergo the 2nd large suitcase).

On our way back from the party supply store,we stopped to grab some lunch to feed everyone before heading to the show. While we had been shopping, my Beth had been filling me in on her own recent family trips. During the course of our outing and conversations she shared with me the most wonderful news, her decision to accept Jesus as her Savior. Oh my is God not good?

The two of us had been sharing, chatting, praying, crying, texting, emailing...oh you get the picture...over this for so long. She elected to tell me in person. I am so glad she did! I have always adorned my daughter in law, anyone who knows me knows just how I feel about her. But now...she's practically perfect in every way!! (so much more than Julie Andrews!!).

We bawled, hugged and made everybody wait in the drive thru line, time stood still and my heart about burst!

The remainder of the weekend was such a joy and celebration beyond anything I had thought to expect.

My sweet girl plans on coming to Georgia to be baptized, said she wanted to do it here, with us...I could not be more honored and delighted!

For all these many blessings, a most incredible trip and family I cherish... oh Lord I am once again so