Friday, January 30, 2009

Whole Hearted Worship in the Mall of God

It's now been 5 days since the Travis Cottrell live recording at FBCW and I am still feeling the residual effects.

I have decided this is not due purely physical stresses and strains, although there were many.

I am not sure my feet will ever forgive me for leaving them in high heeled boots for two days
while spending the majority of those 24 hours standing, walking or rockin to beat the band.
My toes have the strangest curves to them makes me wonder if they ever be flip flop worthy again?

No, the exhaustion is about more than just shoe stompin.

Nor is the fatigue due to the constant flow of adrenaline that was spent during the days leading up to the final recording on Sunday night.

It was the worship.

God just showed up all over the place.

I can truthfully say I have never been in a service at my church and not felt the Lord in a big way. At different times in varying degrees maybe, but always there.

It's the Mall of God for goodness sakes!
Let me explain.

Shortly after joining FBCW I was asked by an acquaintance where we went to church, to which I replied 'FBCW'

Her response was, 'Oh, you go to the Mall of God '
And simply at the Holy Spirits leading and because it is true I passionately replied,

'Yes, God is there all right, He's all over that place!'

The gal was left speechless had nothing more to say.

It was not until later I heard from others that some in the Atlanta area used the 'Mall of God' and other put downs trying to insinuate that God could not possibly inhabit a church of that size with a congregation so large.

Whatever does anyone think Heaven will be like?
Good time to sygway...

A smidge of heaven on earth is what this gal and the thousands that joined us experienced.

I am convinced it is the pure whole hearted full out worship that nearly slayed us all Sunday.

I will never sing or hear 'Victory in Jesus' the same way.

Folks, we will need those new resurrected super-bodies we are promised once we are in heaven.

The very presence of God would quite simply slay us otherwise as these tired old pieces of clay would be pulverized to dust at the thought of getting that close to Him.

Sunday - His being there, getting that close for just the briefest reflection of a glance at our Father totally wiped us out.

No wonder there were taping difficulties - too much power folks, way too much power!

I pray the concert translate with each and every CD and DVD and to God be all the glory!

As I was privileged to sing along with over 300 others for this, I have few performance photos to share, except those shared by my Siestas in the audience. The girls were in the audience and many have posted stories about all aspects of the weekend.

Check in with each of these girls, you may find you get a good dose of what this past weekend was about from each in a different way.

There is Nikki along with her best friend Tammy

Nesha and Melinda

Fran and Cheryl


Sherry, Sheryl and Melinda


Mary, Robyn and Gayle

Jan and Melinda

Fran , Charlotte and Stephanie

Nikki, Stephanie and PattyJenny, Deedra, Brooke and Lisa

Lavonda and Angela
Angela, Stephanie and Kara

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just for today

It's been a little busy around here lately.
Last September I was pleased to discover the church choir I am honored to be a part of would take part in a live CD/DVD recording by Travis Cottrell.
For anyone not familiar with Travis or his music, he leads worship for Beth Moore's LPM and he is outstanding to say the least.

At that time we knew there were tentative (pretty sure) plans but details had to be worked out. I promptly sent emails out to some friends of mine in the blogging community who share a passion for Jesus and I met by way of Beth Moores Living Proof blog. Several ladies went about saving the date in hopes that we could set up a weekend with several of our Southern Siesta's (as Beth dubbed us) once this event was confirmed.

Right before Christmas it was confirmed.
This past weekend a bunch of sweet Siestas converged on Woodstock Georgia and in particular my home church the First Baptist Church of Woodstock to take part in the live recording and have another Siesta meet up of many folks in our blogging community.
The complete CD and DVD will be available later this year, in the meantime you can get a taste of our weekend and watch the morning service by clicking here.

We experienced an amazing time of worship,

fun and fellowship

the details of which will require more time than I have right now.

For today I want to post a few photos and links and hope that if you were there, please attach a link to this post so we share the joy ladies!

l love and miss ya'll!
tammy aka: Inga

Thursday, January 8, 2009

are you packed yet?

In less than 24 hours I leave for the great state of Texas to spend about a week with my sweetie. For Mr. B, this trip means work. For myself and some other blessed ladies around the country, it means a few days and nights fun and fellowship doing all kinds of girl stuff.
Less than 24 hours-gone for a week.
You would think a gal would have a bag uh....or two packed, right?

Not this girl.
I am thinking about luggage quite a bit lately.

Due to various airline machinery chewing up the family Eddie Bauer basic black set (this last set was wrecked in record setting time), I found myself searching high and low then high again for a new travel bags.

In my quest to find new bags I stumbled upon the luggage of my dreams.

My friend Donna of Your Hearts Desire Boutique creates some beautiful as well as practical fabric creations. Low and Behold she was selling the unique three piece set above at a very competitive price, so my bags could be cute, distinctive (not likely to be lost among the 'black upon black here's red ' luggage carousal) and once I painted them with a heavy armor of Scotch Guard...I was sold.

Like I always say, 'Nothing like a good rationalization'.

I admit to a few hesitations prior to purchasing such lovely totes. Considering the way our old bags have suffered through the years, seems unlikely these would fare any better.

In making this purchase I had to be willing to either pack all my wears (whether a day or a weeks worth) in the carry on.

Not possible - where would I put my make-up and hair products?

Instead the question became how might I wrap these bags in a virtual force field of protection.?

For starters-Scotch Guard, every mothers friend. Supposedly this set was created with soil resistant fabric, but hey, I don't think you can be over-protective...with your luggage that is.

After thoroughly coating my bags with a couple of cans of SG, my next worry was leaving my lovely cases with baggage busters handlers.

As luck would have it, the first time I traveled with my new cases the female baggage handler measured,weighed and wrapped it in a red ribbon...really!

The ribbon had an Italian word repeated all over it-'Fragile'.

Of course she could see, the bags were most delicate and needed to be handled with care.

My luggage arrived in pristine condition. I was beside myself with joy! (did you notice I kind of LOVE my luggage?)

Since that first trip I make a point to give the handlers an extra tip and always request exotic stickers or tape that mark my bags for the dainty darlins they are, 'Fragile'!

So far, still lookin good.

Oh, another thing about that first trip?

Once I arrived at my destination and unpacked, I immediately began tallying numerous things I forgot...most probably due to my waiting until the last hours to pack.

Well, I better get a movin, I think I hear my luggage calling me!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

With a little help from Mr. B

Angela tagged me and with help from my this sweet man 'o mine who was more than happy to share a few of my little known eccentricities with ya'll.
Such as it is...I give you the following.

7 Random/Weird Facts about me-per Mr. B

  1. I can smell with an interpreter.

  2. I talk in my sleep - according to my sweetie...personally have no recollection of this (Jenny - Nancy no squawkin, ya hear?).

  3. I usually read at minimum 3 books at one time (different themes and styles for different occasions)

  4. I am a known suspected leech smuggler (my husband is so proud to share)

  5. I have a small collection of items by St. Louis Artist, Mary Engelbriet. Should the family favor me with a ME gift, my spouse has them all bow and repeat "Hail to the shrine! Hail to the shrine!"
  6. My grandchildren and other small people seem to enjoy silly songs and rhymes I make up on a whim for them.

  7. The first music I learned to read and understand was in shape notes and no I was not raised on 'Cold Mountain"

Whew, thank you darlin, I couldn't have done it without you!

Now the seven I am tagging are the following:

1- Pat at Sweet Tea 2-Kate at Stuff and More Stuff 3-Annie at Calling to Deep 4-Kate at The Accidental Traveler 5-Fran at Blessed by Him 6-Angela at Ramsey's Ramblings 7-Lisa at The Preachers Wife

The instructions are above, I can hardly wait to hear back from ya'll.