Thursday, May 29, 2008

Praise God for online check-in!

Whatever did we do before online check-in? Well...for starters this grand mama would have been up before the chickens, loaded the car with all manner of travel necessities (including my 2 sidekicks), driven through our infamous Atlanta traffic, to arrive at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours early at Hartsfield-Jackson, unloaded our 3 bags, plus diaper bag, tote bag, laptop AND stroller...lets not forget the stroller, to stand in invariable long lines with same motley crew.

But...Praise God for online check-in!

Trying to save myself some time and headache, I logged onto the airline site only to be scolded for trying to check in too early. Online check-in is only allowed up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight. What! I was just hours from my scheduled flight...what was wrong with their site? After a couple of failed attempts, I decided to check my emailed confirmation...what should I see...our departure was set for FRIDAY morning NOT Thursday morning. I promptly sent two brief emails to family members who were expecting to 'Meet me in St. Louie', then turned off the early alarm and snuggled into bed with much gratefulness for the online check-in, without which...ohhh... I don't even what to think about it!

On This Day

Who knew those 5 years ago that my son and daughter in law were giving birth to a real princess...not me? Oh we thought she was incredibly special, the most beautiful baby in the nursery of course...but a reeeal princess? I don't think we got that. Through the years our 'Sweetie Pie' has shown and told us (and most everyone she came in contact with) that she was indeed royalty! Whether beginning her day as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine or Baby Duck, our Kylie expected us all to recognize her in whatever incarnation she was at the time. Daycare workers never knew who might be dropped off on any given day. Then there was the time she pointed out that it was Kylie on her underpants because after all, she was Cinderella. Now, nothing has given this grandma any greater delighted than reminding my grand-girl of her heritage, yes indeed... after all, she is the child of a King! And yesterday that princess turned 5! I love you Kylie dear!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One more time with feeling!

How appropriate. I finally get it this writing going only...I don't! Not sure what the problem was, although I am leaning toward operator error.

Alright, once more with feeling!!

I have had so much enjoyment of late with such simple things. These early summer days, cool, breezy - near perfect Atlanta weather, browsing bookstores with my sweetie, lots of quite time with my Lord and others on the screen porch with fresh cappuccino in hand, every manner of bird filling these days with the music of their songs, the screams and screeches of my granddaughter playing in the sprinkler when she is not whistling and singing as she pumps herself up higher and higher on the swing set. Breakfast, lunch and dinner... alfresco. I am most blessed!

Prayers ask and answered, Lord you are GOOD! A friend just called to share some wonderful blessed am I, how blessed! I do not deserve one of the many blessings mentioned above...not one, but thank God, and I do so Thank You God, because of Your grace I receive such riches!

I can not help but be overwhelmed as I recall the reason for this holiday just passed. Remembering and lifting up those who willingly put themselves in harms way all over the globe, both yesterday and today so that me and my house may freely serve the Lord, to swing, sing, laugh and love in whatever way we choose. Lord bless them all and the families they come from, lavish them with love and peace as only You can give. Happy Memorial Day.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Found! This was suppose to go out Monday, May 26th, 2008. Auto save draft... Now I know.

Wow, what an amazing day! The weather is incredible, sunny, breezy and 82 degrees. We've slept in late, picked up a few books at the bookstore, followed by a cup Joe at Starbucks, planted some 'Veggi Tales' seeds (something unsettling about that one...planting a Larry the cumber...planning to eat the same??), enjoyed the delight my granddaughter had in dancing, singing and screaming while playing in the sprinkler and now... munching on fresh salsa and low-fat chipotle lime chips while my best guy and the same grand child work at grill'in up some steaks, hot dogs and corn on the cob while I relax on the screen porch blogging about my rich and blessed life. Oh Lord, You are so good!

Oh may we not take for granted those who willing sacrificed so much so that we could have such a day as this! For those families who personally understand the significance of this day in a way I can not...oh Lord be with them, bless them all.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

So it Begins!

"Time is short, and often tough. It can be so easy to see and notice only the bad or difficult things, often overlooking all the 'wonderful' God has given us. Begin today...make a pact with yourself and God...vow to list at least 5 things daily that you have to be grateful for."

So began the inscription in my daughters journal...a leather bond book given to her for Christmas 1997. I made the initial entries to get her started, never looking on the book again until more than eight years later after her all to early Home Going. Having her journals, reading the entries, relishing the details, remembering my girl and knowing she is safe and waiting for me in the arms of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... for this and so much more I am