Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One more time with feeling!

How appropriate. I finally get it this writing going only...I don't! Not sure what the problem was, although I am leaning toward operator error.

Alright, once more with feeling!!

I have had so much enjoyment of late with such simple things. These early summer days, cool, breezy - near perfect Atlanta weather, browsing bookstores with my sweetie, lots of quite time with my Lord and others on the screen porch with fresh cappuccino in hand, every manner of bird filling these days with the music of their songs, the screams and screeches of my granddaughter playing in the sprinkler when she is not whistling and singing as she pumps herself up higher and higher on the swing set. Breakfast, lunch and dinner... alfresco. I am most blessed!

Prayers ask and answered, Lord you are GOOD! A friend just called to share some wonderful news...how blessed am I, how blessed! I do not deserve one of the many blessings mentioned above...not one, but thank God, and I do so Thank You God, because of Your grace I receive such riches!

I can not help but be overwhelmed as I recall the reason for this holiday just passed. Remembering and lifting up those who willingly put themselves in harms way all over the globe, both yesterday and today so that me and my house may freely serve the Lord, to swing, sing, laugh and love in whatever way we choose. Lord bless them all and the families they come from, lavish them with love and peace as only You can give. Happy Memorial Day.

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