Thursday, May 29, 2008

On This Day

Who knew those 5 years ago that my son and daughter in law were giving birth to a real princess...not me? Oh we thought she was incredibly special, the most beautiful baby in the nursery of course...but a reeeal princess? I don't think we got that. Through the years our 'Sweetie Pie' has shown and told us (and most everyone she came in contact with) that she was indeed royalty! Whether beginning her day as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine or Baby Duck, our Kylie expected us all to recognize her in whatever incarnation she was at the time. Daycare workers never knew who might be dropped off on any given day. Then there was the time she pointed out that it was Kylie on her underpants because after all, she was Cinderella. Now, nothing has given this grandma any greater delighted than reminding my grand-girl of her heritage, yes indeed... after all, she is the child of a King! And yesterday that princess turned 5! I love you Kylie dear!

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