Monday, December 15, 2008

Oscar De La Renta and Suicidal Skunk

Not long ago I swung by a popular donut shop for a cappuccino to go. As I rolled down my window to pay, my nostrils were filled with the most amazing aroma. I whipped my head around startled at the fragrance that was most definitely filling my head.
My granddaughter in tow, I called for her to scoot up, take a whiff, and tell me what I was smelling.

Naturally, her first response was to state the obvious,

"You can't smell Maw Maw."

I assured her I was aware of that, but I was certain some scent was permeating my head, I just had no idea what it was.

The child pulled up, inhaled and said "It smells like coffee and cake, uh...donuts."

I turned my schnoz again to the window that was now closed and waited for the servers return. Once the window was opened, I took in a long deep breath, closed my eyes and concentrated hard, wanting to brand the scent on my memory.

Could this truly be what smelling is?

It was fantastic!

For the majority of you, registering the scent of glazed donuts and freshly brewed java wouldn't be that monumental and would come as no big surprise...what should it smell like....turpentine?

Weeks ago, I wouldn't have known the difference. More precisely, I could not smell all.

My nose has operated like this for as long as I can recall. I have never able to smell any kind of fragrance, good or bad.

Your question might be: "Can you taste things?"

Yes, as my full body documents, my taster functions very well.

'but' you ask, 'I always thought if you can't smell, you can't taste?'
Yes that is the general consensus, if the difficulty is physically related: If the nose has a deviated septum, polyps, was broken or had physical damage or trauma.

My nose has suffered none of those things. There is no physical reason for the defect.

After extensive examination and testing which include multiple CT's and MRI's, the results are the same: This makes no sense but has been my reality.

It appears God had another plan.

The coffee and baked goods were just the beginning. I now have a running list, I lovely refer to as my "Schnoz Journal".

In order of occurrence I have smelled the following:


Baked Goods

Body Powder

Roast Beef


Cigarette smoke

Burning Firewood

Pumpkin Pie

Suicidal Skunk (twice...ew!!)

and most recently Oscar De La Renta perfume.

The perfume was just this weekend, completely marvelous and no, I don't know what flavor it was...I didn't know to ask!

You no doubt noticed a few on that list that emit a pretty wretched scent, but for me they have all been good.

The fact that I could smell their wretchedness was a gift from God.

With each odor taken in, I smile, laugh, do a happy dance and thank God all at once.

I can smell!

I must confess, lately with every fragrance revelation I have paused to ponder.

What kind of scent do I emit?

I have always tried to compensate for my deficiency by scrubbing things that much deeper, using cleaning and fragrance products others taut as the most pleasant, having no working knowledge of this particular sense I've looked to others for direction and clarity in everything I thought mattered.

But how pleasing do I God that is?

This is one scent that really should matter most to me.

In reading Philippians 4:18 I wonder , does God find my fragrance sweet, acceptable and well pleasing?

Or is it more often like that of turpentine and suicidal skunk?

I must confess, this newly restored sense has awaken me to a greater understanding of my relationship with God.

My Heavenly Father does not know me through my color, gender or denomination but my heart, soul, motives and most obedience.

In reading 1 Samuel 15, we find King Saul totally disobeying God's instruction to completely annihilate the Amalekites and all their live stock. When confronted about usurping Gods authority, Saul justified by stating only the best were spared so they might be used as sacrifices to the Lord.

Samuel then reminded Saul that to heed God instruction, obeying Him in all things is infinitely better than sacrifice I Samuel 15: 22 , (a better smelling I suspect)

Obedience has been something I have struggled with a lot through the years. In retrospect I'm bowled over that the Lord has been so generous and allowed me so many do overs, showing such grace and mercy to this remedial child of His.

I don't want to find myself like King Saul, rationalizing that the things I do and people I help are for Gods good and glory-all the while secreting a stench to the highest parts of heaven.

Oh that He would close His eyes at each thought of me and giggle with delight at the fragrant bouquet of my obedience.


Cindy said...

Yay! You can smell. I want so badly to be a pleasing aroma to God. But sometimes I know my aroma isn't pleasant. Thanks for making me think.


Sharon said...

Your blog is so lovely, Georgia! So happy that we can be friends on Facebook!

I'm also very happy to learn that you can now smell!!! How wonderful! PRAISE THE LORD -- THANK YOU, JESUS!

Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas!

Your Sister in Christ,

Holly said...

How wonderful!

How beautiful, too!

Will His Wonders ever cease? No! I am so glad for your new-found smelling ability. What a grcious thing for God to do!

Love you much, my Sister!

PS I never heard again from the contact form thing. I have no idea if it is working or not.

Melinda said...

I can't believe you didn't have a sense of smell! How precious of God to turn this around...How precious of you to turn it into His glory!

Love you sweet friend,

Sista Staci said...

Oh, Smell and see that the LORD; HE is GOOD!

I can smell your sweet fragrance all the way to the Northeast Ga Mountains!

You are blessed to be a blessing!

It's all GOOD in the Sista-Hood!
Sista Staci :)

L.L. Barkat said...

how lovely the fragrance of life... welcome to this part of the world.

Profbaugh said...

Oh my, Tammy. We have something else in common. I went through a period of time where I could not smell. In fact, I distinctly remember attending my first Beth Moore conference in Memphis in 2001. The group of women I took there ended up at a Waffle House after the conference (we still laugh about it!!). The only place to sit was near the restrooms. The women complained of the "scent." I of course, couldn't smell a thing. I remember thinking what a blessing that was at the time. Since then, my ability to smell has come back little by little. And I L-O-V-E it just like you.

Thanks for this post and the opportunity it gave me to reminisce about the blessings of "scent" in my life.

P.S. Oh, I could taste even when I couldn't smell anything. Glad you explained it to others.

Much love,

Annie said...

How amazing! I didn't know you couldn't smell ... that's so wonderful that God is opening (literally) your nose up for you! And I love all those verses on smelling, too. :)

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I can't even imagine being unable to smell!

I have an overactive nose and while it drives me crazy in conjunction with my very sensitive stomach, I think I'd take it over not having that sense at all.

Praise God for his sweet mercy...

Love you much, Inga. ;)