Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nativity Stories

Like many of you all, we have been busy these last few weeks decorating hearth and home and for my crew this means displays of three nativity sets...yes three.

My sweetie and I each have one that was part of our marriage dowry and the grands have their own kid friendly Little People version. Mr. B's nativity was one he grew up with being passed down to him by his grandparents. As I set it up this year I again noted it was the only one I had ever seen with 4 Magi. Makes for a very full stable.
My niece recently shared this video with me, pointing out that it appears there may have been some creative license with the retelling of nativity story through the years and perhaps my husbands nativity may be closer to reality than we knew.

Do you have any of your own nativity stories you care to share? I'd love hear them.

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Melinda said...

LOVE that video!

I wrote a little about my two nativities on my Boomama Christmas Tour blog. The one I have that my kids have played with has a broken member of the Magi and an angel with one wing. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Hugs dear girl,

Carol said...

There's the first one I purchased after we got married. I waited and watched for it to go on sale 'cause it was way 'spensive. When it was 75% off (after Christmas, of course) I snagged it. Since then my husband of 21 years has accidentally broken various pieces of it. I keep super-gluing the thing back together and he breaks another one another year.

The man never breaks ANYTHING else. EVER!

From now on, it's plastic for him.