Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Need Some Serious Help

So what do you think?


Have one in the backside of your closet?

Seriously...uh daughter is competing at work in an Ugliest Sweater contest. The prize is a gas card (whoop! whoop!) so she came over this morning and here be the results
(pirate jargon, um...where did that come from...would everyone sit down in there)

again, seriously

Can you think of anything else that might really put her over the top?
We would so appreciate your input


Melinda said...

If she wore a wreath around her neck as a collar, it might just complete that, um, "look". :o)

"would everyone sit down in there" slay me!


GratefulinGA said...

Oh, that's good. Um...or maybe just a large candle ring as a choker...over a turtle neck of course...we wouldn't want it to be too.....much? Yes we would!!

Cindy said...

How about getting some battery operated Christmas lights to put on the sweater. You can tack the cord on with thread. We used those lights on Candy Striper's outfits for a church play once.

Annie said...

Cindy's idea is good. I think the sweater is pretty great as it is. Just to add a touch though ... I would add big snowman earrings. :D

GratefulinGA said...

Ya'll are great!

I agree it needs lights! We have a set of battery lights somewhere, nothing like a little dazzle :D

The wreath adds some green to all that blue.

I think we have some large plastic gold ornaments she was thinking for earrings.

Holly said...

Some fancy feathers would do the trick.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

She is SO going to win!



ForHisGlory said...

We are having a Nerdy Christmas party this Sat night, that is the exact thing we should see all the folks showing up in... LOL

GratefulinGA said...

Okay Gang, this is what's being added: Real Live Twinklle lights, wreath/candle ring is being attached this evening, and a scarf/boa is being assembled of green sparkly garland with light bulb bits aaaand she will wear large light bulb earrings to match.

she could borrow Kyra's angel wings which would cover the feather idea Holly

Too much?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

You've totally got to enter this one in Melanie's Ugly Sweater contest at Big Mama. I can't remember the date but she has a button with a funky little dog on it. Can't miss it.

It's ugly. :))

Love you Tammy! My church peeps are still laughing at Deacon!

Georgia Jan said...

Tammy: I was going to say add some blinking lights somewhere - this is great - I pray she wins!