Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Passion for Pageants

This week has been very full as we put finishing touches on our annual Christmas festival.
After weeks of preparation, we're in the mist of final dress rehearsals-ironing out kinks in music, lighting, sound and other pressing matters.

The program has been billed as a night of 1, 000 voices and will include singers of all ages from kindergarten through our Senior adults. We will be accompanied by one of the finest volunteer orchestras you might ever hear. This musical mosaic will be melded together with powerful narration that presents the complete unabridged meaning as to the celebration of Christ birth.
Basically we're talking a Christmas pageant on steroids...the good kind.

I have known and loved Christmas plays and musicals my entire life. Those pageants that bring us back to the true essence of what we should be celebrating at this time of year. The programs that share the complete story of Gods amazing grace as witnessed by the gift of His Son Jesus.

Some of my fondest childhood memories include the annual pageants held at the church's and schools I attended. I was fortunate to be live during a time when Christmas plays included traditional Christ centered themes and music. My passion for pageants took root early in life. Most of the time these productions were based on the story of Christ birth as told in the second chapter of Luke , and you just doesn't get much better than that.

As a child, my six brothers and I rounded out the cast of several local productions. We did our share of shepherding sheep, bringing treasure from the East, donned a few angel wings

and filled a stable or three with sheep, cows and other exotic livestock.

Yes, my clan played a part in many such annual presentations and have been all the better for it.

I'm excited to say that this year another generation makes their debut in sharing the Christmas story. Miss Kyra has worked hard to learn several intricate choral numbers and will be joining over 300 peers, her grandmother and many others as part of a thousand voice choir that will be telling the real story of Jesus in the next few days.

I can think of no greater legacy to pass on to my baby grands than knowing the reality of what God did for them by sacrificing His Son so many years ago.

I grew up with simple plays, scripture reading and traditional Christmas carols. Those were the pageants of my day and I am still reaping the benefits of those experiences.

My grands will know these same wondrous truths but with greater depth and richer understanding as to the fullness of Christ sacrifices by way of same scripture, powerful music and a bit more glitter.

Either way: It's all very good!

Should you be available to join us this Saturday or Sunday night, please check over here for details and directions. If you make it by the church, give me a holler, I would love to meet you afterward.

If you can not make it in person please join us online. Be sure to check in here by 6pm and don't forget to crank up the volume.

Blessings ya'll!

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Melinda said...

I love me a good pageant, too! I was involved in them every year, growing up, and I miss them now. Wish I could see yours in person!

Give me a holler, would you? I've emailed a couple of times and I'm not sure they're going through.

Hugs to you this day friend,