Thursday, January 8, 2009

are you packed yet?

In less than 24 hours I leave for the great state of Texas to spend about a week with my sweetie. For Mr. B, this trip means work. For myself and some other blessed ladies around the country, it means a few days and nights fun and fellowship doing all kinds of girl stuff.
Less than 24 hours-gone for a week.
You would think a gal would have a bag uh....or two packed, right?

Not this girl.
I am thinking about luggage quite a bit lately.

Due to various airline machinery chewing up the family Eddie Bauer basic black set (this last set was wrecked in record setting time), I found myself searching high and low then high again for a new travel bags.

In my quest to find new bags I stumbled upon the luggage of my dreams.

My friend Donna of Your Hearts Desire Boutique creates some beautiful as well as practical fabric creations. Low and Behold she was selling the unique three piece set above at a very competitive price, so my bags could be cute, distinctive (not likely to be lost among the 'black upon black here's red ' luggage carousal) and once I painted them with a heavy armor of Scotch Guard...I was sold.

Like I always say, 'Nothing like a good rationalization'.

I admit to a few hesitations prior to purchasing such lovely totes. Considering the way our old bags have suffered through the years, seems unlikely these would fare any better.

In making this purchase I had to be willing to either pack all my wears (whether a day or a weeks worth) in the carry on.

Not possible - where would I put my make-up and hair products?

Instead the question became how might I wrap these bags in a virtual force field of protection.?

For starters-Scotch Guard, every mothers friend. Supposedly this set was created with soil resistant fabric, but hey, I don't think you can be over-protective...with your luggage that is.

After thoroughly coating my bags with a couple of cans of SG, my next worry was leaving my lovely cases with baggage busters handlers.

As luck would have it, the first time I traveled with my new cases the female baggage handler measured,weighed and wrapped it in a red ribbon...really!

The ribbon had an Italian word repeated all over it-'Fragile'.

Of course she could see, the bags were most delicate and needed to be handled with care.

My luggage arrived in pristine condition. I was beside myself with joy! (did you notice I kind of LOVE my luggage?)

Since that first trip I make a point to give the handlers an extra tip and always request exotic stickers or tape that mark my bags for the dainty darlins they are, 'Fragile'!

So far, still lookin good.

Oh, another thing about that first trip?

Once I arrived at my destination and unpacked, I immediately began tallying numerous things I forgot...most probably due to my waiting until the last hours to pack.

Well, I better get a movin, I think I hear my luggage calling me!


Holly said...

I was just thinking about luggage today. Kate can attest to the fact that my luggage is terrible and after the last "pick up" at the airport after San Antonio, my handle fell off as it was coming down the conveyor belt. Kate and I snorked in laughter at it. And then I think Kate hid. No, not really.

Even so, the Smith's need luggage sometime...but for now, we can dream.

Enjoy Texas!!

Kate said...

Oh can always contact me for luggage advice...I'll give it to you straight. I've been working pt in the luggage industry since 1996. I would have to say though...scotch guard, fragile tape, and certainly TIPS are #1 for keeping luggage perfect. ;)
Gotta say, I have top of the line luggage...super tough thermoplastic pand and fiberglass composite rimboards, 1050 denier ballistic weave, you know they still busted anything that could be So, weather you are purchasing the honeycomb frame, or 7 layers of finished wood can't even break it with a chizzel stuff, Always wink, tip, and put on your friendliest southern accent and your luggage will be Um...if you look like me though...southern accents don't fly.

Have an awesome trip!

Kate said...

oooo...I just noticed your Isaiah blog's lovely! Can I touch it?

Kate said...

ps...Holly isn't kidding...wooo, I was going to take up a collection right there in the airport for her to get some new luggage.

Kate said...

did I leave enough comments for you...I know you want to get out of town, but post this one too...and the next one....haa haa haa haa


GratefulinGA said...

Holly - Kate, you girls are crackin me up here in Austin!

Oh Holly, LOL!! I remember the bag you drug cookbooks around in San Antonio, in the heat, the rain...I can so see it right now.

And Kate, you are just a wealth of information! My husband was very impressed with your obvious knowledge and expertise as to luggage. Ehere do your talents end? We've never heard of such bags.

Well, we know who to call when we surely face this purchase again ;)

love you gals!

Cindy said...

I love the luggage! I hope you are having a great time. And since you forgot some stuff that just means you get to shop!


Nadine said...

I love the luggage. It will be easy to see coming off the conveyor belts at the airport. I hope you had a great trip.

ocean mommy said...

LOVE THAT LUGGAGE!!! Of course I have this thing for black/white and anything that is toile or resembles toile. :)