Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look for it at the Olympics

My granddaughter and I have a little thing we do once in while that started when she was oooh so much smaller...

when she was one or so.

We would make nests.

From birth this girl was a snuggler and cuddler, which is sooo nice!

The girl loved to be rocked, sung to, craddled

and she loved a good the nest.

Let me explain...Nesting consisted of the following:

I would lay down, on my side on the sofa, with knees bent.

She would crawl into the crook between my bent knees and the heels of my feet.

We would pile a cover over her...just like wings...up around her, and she would rest her head on my thigh.

We have done this many times as she...ehh we

Told stories, listened to Laurie Berkner or Jack Johnson, or watched a bit of 'Noggin'.

It was so 'tweet'!

As she and I have have gotten older and larger, I now find I must stretch my legs and scoot out a bit away from the cushions to give my baby bird more room.

So far, it is working fine and we have never come up short...

no one has ended up in the floor.

Yesterday, after several
rounds of

Boogie Board-Hula Hoop-Surfing (look for it at the Olympics) where she assured me she had many good

'Wipe ups'.

she finally came in, changed into warm dry clothes, then informed me she was cold and tired, and asked if we could pleeease build a nest?

We had not 'nested' in quite some time.

So with much tears, twisting of arms, gnashing of teeth...mine...not hers!
I acquiesces, got a warm throw, sat on the

couch and waited for my birdie to light beneath me.

She did!

I then wrapped her well, covering her with my 'wings'.

Oh the delight! She beamed, she glowed...

"I love when we nest!"

Very shortly, she fell asleep.


I love to nest too.

To snuggle neath my Heavenly Fathers large and never ending wings!

Oh the sweetness of it!

His ever present, gentle, strength and love.

I know beyond any doubt

He will keep me safe, warm and never let me fall off!

Yes, me too...I Love when we Nest!

"Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings"
Psalm 17:8

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