Thursday, July 3, 2008

When I am old

When I turned 50 last year, among other things, I was inspired to challenge myself to take on a new hobby.

Yes, I if there is not enough going on in my life not the least of which, the care and feeding of my 4 babies, you know...the 2 grands, Mr. B. and 'Sasha the Devil Dog'.

Let's add a little more to the proverbially plate!

What hobby you may ask? Scrap booking, photography, rock collecting?

No, I decided I wanted to learn to play golf.

'Back in the day', my 'yute' as it were, I tended to be on the athletic side...probably had a lot to do with being raised with a mess of brothers.

I played baseball, basketball, football and knew Nascar better than any girl in the crowd. This was before the likes of Sheryl Swoopes, Annika Sorenstam and Danika Patrick and before it was cool for a gal to love sports like most fellas do.

In a herd of 6 brothers, you played along or you played alone. I learned to love sports.

Well...deciding you would like to learn to play the game of golf and knowing where to begin instruction are two different matters. Unlike say, bowling.

Knowing a golfer that is any good at this sport knowing one who is willing to give you lessons are not mutually exclusive.

Not that I would know mind you, but I have heard, 'New and poor golfers slow down the play' aaand try the patients of most seasoned golfers. A poor bowler will not usually bring down the scores of other bowlers unless you somehow inflict injury on a partner or opponents through throwing...err rolling errors and the like. Not that I have recent first hand knowledge of that sort of thing.

Initially, as I shared my desires with friends and family I was met with a bit of you say...skepticism.

Comments like:

'You do know there generally are no windmills and loop d loops on the standard 18 hole course?'

Yes, I had a nay sayer or two.

Then there was a couple of very supportive friends including my son and daughter in law...they cheered go for it!

Of course no one had a plan as to how I was to 'go' about it. All agreed professional instruction would make the best start. But who?? Where??

Enter the
Fore His Glory Bible Study

Isn't God remarkable?

Does He care about golf? My learning to play golf?

He cares about anything that draws us into a closer relationship with Him and anything that can be used to bring Him glory.

He pretty much can do that with anything...and He does.

Now I have regular dates with an awesome bunch of ladies and a very Godly golf pro studying, sharing, praying, feeding on the Word as well as learning this new 'old' game.

How cool is that!

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