Saturday, July 5, 2008

Of Tattoos and Corn Dogs

How did ya'll spend your 4th?

Our day began early!! We left the house by 8:15, having packed the essentials:

Diaper bag, bottled water, change of clothes for the children, goldfish snacks, hats, camera and most importantly...

Sunscreen 75: Once applied this is tantamount to encasing your body in a full body latex sheath. Yes, we left the house well armed.

We first stopped for an all American breakfast of champions at Cracker Barrel. One of a handful of finer southern restaurants that serve hearty meals, brain teasing peg puzzles and game of giant checkers on the side with every meal! What's not to love?

Nothin beats a crossword or seek a word before oatmeal and eggs.

Umm do you spell meatloaf 'meet-loaf' or me-tloaf'?

Miss Kyras and her hat.
Not exactly patriot in color, but effective in cutting down on harmful UV rays to the face...besides, I ask you, is there anything that does not go with pink? According to this 5 year old...NO!

Of course, what screams celebration of our nations independence better than an old fashioned parade!

Fortunately for us, Georgia has some of the best.

With Color Guard

Marching Bands


Yes, that is the Big Chicken Float...
it's an Atlanta thing!

Cool Cars

Yes...that would be Wall-E, Whoop!! Whoop!!


An assortment of Princesses for every age and taste. We counted a good bakers dozen. Everything from Ms to Miss Tiny Baby Marietta/Cobb County. Take a look at just a few

Twilight GO Girls!

Boy Scouts

Hot Dogs


and lots of service men and women

Some of us had better seats than others

Then it was on to the party at Marietta Square

packed with every sort of food, drink and craft vendor you could ever want.

Selling everything from oooh so fancy hats, slipper shaped dog beds and the ultimate drink holder. Check it out!

Some of us did a little shopping.

Kyra opted for new, more fashionable head gear.
along with a free Frisbee and Patriotic Tattoo. We're stylin now!
Then there were Jumpy's to suit every taste and skill level!

By 3 o'clock, it was time to call it a day!

Are you exhausted...feel like you were there?
Here's hoping!

Happy 4th of July ya'll!

Exhausted but


Cindy said...

Happy 4th to you and your family, Tammy!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the parade! They turned out great and it looked like you had a lot of fun! Cheryl and I went to the GA 400 outlet mall at Dawsonville yesterday and went tubing on the Tocoa River on Friday. We called our outing Chery and Cindy's big advernture!

Hope to talk to you soon!


bee4real said...

Wow I didn't even know what I missed! I just thought we had a parade!
We stayed home but our daughter when to the lake for the day...jettskiing and cookouts with boyfriend. Sitting home was nice but I felt old.

Cheryl said...

Cool it was just like being there. I too am going to take up Golf as soon as I can make time Yeah!!!!

Quitie said...

We just got back into town from Cincinnati. We spent our 4th with Doug and Christine and their family. They are good friends from med school. Tonight we will have homemade ice cream with Mom, Dad and Aunt Glenda. Ainsley is already downstairs playing with her captive audience.
Love to all of you,

Missy said...