Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of This, We Are Sure

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth." Proverbs 27:1

For reasons I'm not going into right now, my beloved man and I are currently the primary caretakers of our eldest daughters two children.

Miss Kyra, our oldest grandchild has been with us since her birth,

while her brother, Mr. Kaden came to be in our care last April.

My husband and I don't claim membership in the Psychic Network, this was NOT where we saw ourselves at this season in our lives lo those many years ago.

No, our vision included cross country road trips, with fishing tackle at the ready, stopping along the way for any body of water that looked promising. All while chill'in to the sounds of The Moody Blues and Bob Dylan.

When not casting our lines out, we would browse out of the way bookstores, gathering various volumes by our favorite authors, while sipping cappuccinos (me) and Diet Coke (he). Sleeping over...eating we stumbled across the country, all the while reveling in our AARP discounts. Finally gett'in round to that coupling time we missed with a marriage that included an instant family.

Aah! Sheer bliss!

Umm...Okay, sounded good at the time...but in retrospect, maybe a bit contrived...

Aaaaww shucks, maybe even boring.

This is our reality: Our empty nest is now full and over flowing.

Mr. B and I proudly reside in a 'baby' gated community, manage an ever growing and colorful My little Pony farm and have amassed quite an impressive collection of Veggie Tale books - The Green Edition.

Our vehicles are outfitted with multiple car seats, boosters and kiddie strollers. Our pantry staples include Goldfish, gummie snacks, Dora and Cars canned soups plus enough peanut butter to pack lunches for the Grands from now and throughout their college years. Okay, maybe only high school, but you get the point.

We don't have a bathtub or shower that does not have a least 1 rubber duck and a bottle of Johnson's Baby shampoo.

Oh, we still eat out. Many a meal includes grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and fruit chased with lots of milk and of course a side of packaged toy, game or dessert. Followed by the requisite climbing of walls, slipping on slides and crawling through any number of kids-size gerbil mazes.

We don't just 'up and take off' where our hearts desire...spur of the moment like. No, we consider the kid friendly aspects of any adventure we contemplate.

How will this be for them...with them?? What about naps and bathrooms?

We tend to pack like we're gonna be gone for a month instead of a weekend, coordinating each plan around the constant needs of an active five and almost 2 year old, it can put a damper on things...

or not.

Yes, we cruise the highways and sky ways, browse bookstores, drop a line here and there with our respective caffeine in hand.

I admit now and again I get an extra shot or two of espresso...we do what we must, you know?

Seldom will you see us anywhere without our precious posse.

No, this is not where we saw ourselves in this season of our lives...

but He did.

In so many ways, it is so much the better....

of this, we are sure.

For this season and whatever lies ahead we remain ever GratefulinGa

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