Monday, October 12, 2009

Miami Vice to the Hill Country

#105) Socks

Cool temps and rain greet us once again this day. Still cleaning up the mess from flooding 3 weeks ago and with every moment I am reminded of how blessed we are.

The inconveniences involved in clean up and repair pale in comparison to those Georgian neighbors who lost homes and lives. For our part there was nothing that was lost or damaged that could not be replaced, repaired or done without. Not true for many others in our community.

This rain and chill in the air remind me of some other neighbors, just over the mountains and east of here in McDowell County West Virginia.

A flock member whose family hails from McDowell, shared with us the need children of this community have for socks. All too frequently large numbers of children have shoes to wear but no socks, all winter long.

These kids are NOT attempting to bring Crocket and Tubbs - Miami Vice fashions to the hill, socks are just not at the top of their families list of priorities.

McDowell County has already had their frost this season. The average snowfall for Iaeger, WV runs between 45 and 59 inches a season...all without socks.

Needless to say (but when has that ever stopped me) we are collecting children's socks along with blankets and wraps. We hope to be able to stuff each pair with Christmas treats and personal messages of love and hope.

So on this chilly rainy Monday I am ever so grateful for socks, may I never take them for granted again.

How about you?


Leah said...

Oh yes, I am grateful for socks!! What a sad story! Breaks my heart.


Sheryl said...

I am grateful for socks and so much more.

We have got to get together. And this time I'll actually have my calendar correct.


L.L. Barkat said...

oh, that picture! Reminds me of my growing-up place. wow, I can almost taste the air.

GratefulinGA said...

Maybe the week of Halloween Sheryl, by then we might have some cooler temps here in Georgia too!

Yes LL, reminds me of my early years in the Missouri Ozarks. I miss the beautiful falls, the snow and the snow cream my grandmother made...of course we were warm for the most part and had socks.