Thursday, October 2, 2008

Signs of the Times

Our little man has been spending more time recently with his Mama. This is exciting for everyone, baby steps if you will - as my eldest daughter dips her feet into single parenting. We are encouraged at this latest development. We will of course, continue to 'spot' her as she acclimates herself to this new full time role.

It has been about 2 weeks since the little guy moved in full time with his Mommy. Prior to the move, he would spend an occasional weekend or overnight with Mom and by all accounts seemed to absolutely loved it!
You see, like so many weekend parents or grandparents do, when Mr. K went for his visits with Mom, every whim he had was indulged. With his Mama, the little guy could do and explore to his hearts content with little to no restraint or resistance - all the while being heralded for his ingenuity and cleverness as these must surly be signs of great brilliance and intelligence.

Yes! Like any good grandparents, we concur our baby grand is a very intelligent fella.

In the past when The K Man spent time with Mommy he often returned more determined than ever to exhibit his developing skill and talents, as he strove to be granted total access to...well...everything.

After all, the little guy had just come from his house of dreams...every two year olds' paradise. A place where he was encouraged and applauded for his vast array of navigation and engineering skills. In this Shangri-La for tots, he was allowed to figure out the finer points of cell phone use, remote controls, television tuning, the use and operation of water faucets and light switch's, all while being bathed in a flood of validation and adoration.

Um! Life was Good!

Mr K was the master of all he door was closed to him baby!

More often than not he was applauded, praised or laughed at as he scaled the tallest bar stool and danced a jig on the counter top like some modern day Sir Edmund Hillary, conquering his Everest and planting his flag.

Every new skill acquired was encouraged as proof of his developmental growth and intelligence.

Once the little guy returned to Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house he found himself stymied as his exuberant quest to pretty much do whatever he wanted was quickly squelched.

Oh the mournful wailing cries as he was frequently met with much resistance and little to no applause.

What was wrong with these people?

Didn't we know...couldn't we see that his genius needed to be fed?

Maw Maw and Paw Paw were no fun...and kept puttin those pesky toys in his face as if THAT was any kind of good time.

Apparently our little guy has aspirations to work in the computer the boy quickly ascertains which button opens drawers, reboots and reconfigures any computer, modem or data port. His explorations have forced us to acquire many new skills as well as revisit some old ones.

We've learned:

  • Computer key pad replacement
  • Fast and fun ways with baby gates

and a personal favorite

  • The reemergence and execution of the lost art of string...

or in our case, rubber bands.

Now that our little man has begun spending his days and nights with his mother, these previous acts of genius are proving to be less adorable to her.

My daughter shared concerns with me recently that our baby boy was being more obstinate than normal. Refusing to take 'no' for an answer, getting into her belongings and cupboards, destroying an assortment expensive cosmetics all while reenacting his rendition of Waterworld in her bathroom.

Seems Mr. K has no use for the kiddie toys that litter his bedroom and new home.

No...this little guy is interested bigger and better entertainment.

How did I counsel to my daughter?

Welcome to parenthood!

Life as you previously knew it is changed forever.

On another note:

My K's sister has been addressing her own boundary issues.

Seems her Paw Paw...tired of having his office invaded, used and abused by the wee folk around here, posted a sign on his door stating as much.

The sign read:


A few days later, returning home from a business trip, Mr B found the following posted on Miss Kyra's door:

The Amended and Hijacked Sign

Seems at 5 1/2 we have learned the power of print.

in case you missed it...the 'fine' print.


jennyhope said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I know the feeling. My child doesn't play with one of her toys and wears me slap out!!!!

Dorothy said...

Have you ever thought about writing a book? This is so great! I am so glad that Mr. K has been able to live with his mommy. Tell her I said hi and am thinking about her:)

GratefulinGA said...

Dorothy, I will...keep praying for her, this really seems overwhelming for her, but we just know she can do it! thanks honey!

Quitie said...

I loved your page and update. I will make sure I share them with my mom over the upcoming weekend.
Love and hugs to you,

missy said...

this is very funny. good luck in your journey

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I would give ANYTHING to have seen the look on Paw Paw's face when he saw that sign. She is TOO clever! :)
And I'm so happy Nichole is taking on the role of "full-time Mommy". I'll pray that the frustration wears off and she soon recognizes his behavior as "toddlerhood". You're right - she CAN do this.
I love you guys SO much - hug and kiss the babies for me. (And Bruce, too!)

Holly said...

So precious and fun! Tammy! I am so far behind....I just updated my blog list and added you, friend. Please forgive me for not doing it sooner!

I got your 18 books in the mail on Tuesday. You should be seeing them soon. And yes, the NEW editions :) chuckling!!

Jessica said...

"Very good, Tammy. God has blessed you so much and brought you to an amazing place. Can you imagine trying to be in the middle of this a few years ago? We serve an awesome God, don't we!"

GratefulinGA said...

No Jess I can't. It's all Him...all Him