Sunday, August 3, 2008

He's Channeling MacGyver

We live in a gated community...

a baby gated community.

This is due to him, Mr. K....
The Little Man....
on a mission.

Cute isn't he?

At 25 lb, 26 inches this boy, my the epitome of masculinity.

If it rings, buzzes or lights up, he's all over it.

If it does all three? He's kickin up his heels, and squealin for joy as he wallows in yet another supercharged endorphin rush.

Life at two, should always be so simple.

The boy knows the difference between a child's toy and those of adults. And given a choice (or not) he wants big people gadgets and gizmo's.

Little K is also a scientist at heart.

Wants to know the how and why things work, what will happen to ___________ if you ___________ (fill in the blanks with any ole thing you can think of...that's what he does!).

This child's greatest delight is to reprogram pretty much anything he can get to his dimpled little hands on. To that end, he has mastered the finer skills of tower building and wall scaling.

If there is a step, a stool, chair, box or pillow?? You can figure he's going to climb it...and quickly. Lightening fast this kid is!

As grandparents, we are not so slow, he is just faster and more highly motivated. After all, his 'prize' awaits him, if only he can thwart our wicked schemes to stop him.

Our resolve to crash his party and save him from himself have driven us to take extreme measures.

I never saw myself as someone who resorts to putting things up because a lively toddler was in the house, we never did that with our kids or the other Grands.

Oh how times have changed!

As stated earlier, our little guy is extremely talented with his tiny hands. He has shown us this by use of his highly developed gifted-ness when bypassing traditional child proof locks.

Our response?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Don't works!

**I would like to note, his sister added more security bands to "make it look more fancy"

And it does....don't you think?


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I just want to squeeeeeze that little man - what a great pic. And all that curiousity is just a sign of intelligence looking for an outlet (pardon the pun). :)
And as if I didn't miss you all bad enough already, looking at those pictures of the kitchen - where we spend MUCH of our visits - just makes me so home-away-from-homesick. Hey! 2 weeks from tomorrow I will be hugging you in the ATL airport! :) Hug MacGyver for me... and his fancy sister, too!
Love you MUCH,

Polly said...

Hey! Little Mac's middle name isn't Ductape is it???? He sure is cute and very very blessed to have you as his GrannyTee!
I'm not sure what's more entertaining: the adventures of Little Mac or your blogs.
I guess when he grows up he'll be Big Mac cuz he'll be Super Sized!
Keep 'em coming!
Love & Blessings, Sister,

GratefulinGA said...

Your too much!

No and we will be keeping the duct-tape is under lock, key and rubber band for the foreseeable future.