Thursday, August 14, 2008

The lost art of conversation, oh how I missed yea!

Who knew there would be a bonus?

I sure didn't.

During the course of making calls, sending emails....even texting, I have had the joy of spending copious amounts of time with various family members, as we foraged our collective memories for favored recipes along with old stories and sayings that went with them.

Don't know about ya'll but I am terrible about writing group letters, forwarding emails, while running out of time...pretty much NOT getting around to making calls or writing letters to family and friends I really miss catching up with.

Because of this project and a group email I sent out, the most amazing thing took place. A big portion of my large family got together and had some amazingly good visits.

We chatted, reminisced, laughed til we cried! It was such good times.
and so easily done once we set about with a purpose.

Interesting how that is.

Now it may just be me with the whole not - really - communicating thing.
Back before my life got to be so much about cramming one more thing into my schedule, to the point I must carry that schedule around with me, in a cell phone set to pummel me with all manner of alarms even days before events are about to take place. Yet I still manage to miss sending that card, mailing those presents, making that call...


I have family and friends whom Emily Post proudly claim, as they're never late or miss sending cards and making phone calls on Birthdays, anniversary's, graduations as well as all government holidays.

In between these occasions, this group still makes time to check in with you once a week or more...just because!

Well, this little project gave me and mine a few more of those 'just because' communications.

Boy oh boy, what fun!

The lost art of conversation, oh how I missed yea!

It's really something (and I'm sounding so OLD now) how in this day of the 'Communication Explosion', I get so busy speed dialin this one, fast forwarding that one and texting everywhere else, that I often miss the point of it all... genuine communication.

Of course, I'm just confessing my own sins here.

This project has meant much to me, but most of all helped raise the bar on reaching out and truly touching those I love...and for that I find myself once again most grateful.

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