Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Language

**In keeping with the subject below consider checking out some other excellent post on the San Antonio conference here

As I posted previously, there are a mess of my bloggin buddies who have been sharing incredible notes from the Living Proof event in San Antonio last weekend.

I just read another one this morning from a fellow Georgian Deborah aka: Twinkle.

Take a peek here
read up, print it off, receive a blessing. Deborah's post is one of the better recaps of the actual study I've read.

On another note, while passing through Alabama en route to Florida, Kyra ask,

"Maw Maw...Paw Paw...Do people in Alabama speak another language or English?"

I'm thinking that really depends on who you ask...although I did learn some cool 'sign' language from some notable Bama's
Lisa, The Preacher's Wife and Brooke, The Mailgirl

Heading to the beach, praying the hurricanes blow out to sea.


Brooke said...

Headed to the beach???? What??? You better be careful!!! There are storms a'brewin'...hahahaha

Love ya, be safe! (what did you mean by sign language???)

GratefulinGA said...

Not to worry Brooke, I'm married to a boy scout (really!)

We've brought the weather radio and are ready to cut n run if far...very good!

Were you not there assisting Lisa as she instructed me in the finer points of street/gang signs??

I have some impressive moves as a result!

Well, not really...there are probably some things a grandma should just leave alone.

Have a great holiday!

twinkle said...

Thank you for the sweet pat on the back about my notes! I'm still avoiding posting the rest of the mess because it is such a mess. I brought a small journal with me to take notes (I'm seasoned at trying to write in those tiny booklets they give out) and I have about 12 more pages! Yikes!

And let me just tell you that those pictures of the sunrise on the beach are so beautiful! I'm glad you were awakened and sent on the mission. Hugs to you!