Friday, August 15, 2008

Repeating...Every 8 Seconds

**Please forgive me if you read the
I am duplicating my post as this subject is worth redundancy**

A group of Siesta's from around the country and over seas, joined together to compile a 338 page cookbook.

Now this is not just any ole cookbook.

This grassroots culinary catalog has an abundance of delectable recipes, beautiful photography, plus an assortment of family stories and sayings to boot!

Take a look at the index to get a feel for what's inside.

Filet Mignon with Blackberries...Yum!

The real treasure is that all proceeds will be donated to Life Outreach International whose ministries include drilling water wells in third world countries, where every 8 seconds someone dies from a waterborne disease. Those effected most are children...many of whom die before they reach the age of 5.

With so little, we can do so much!

The Siesta created this book in honor of Beth Moore and the entire Living Proof staff, who are big supporters of providing 'Living Water' to the all the world.

Consider giving books for Christmas, Birthdays, Newlyweds, a Teachers get the picture.

The cookbooks are $18 each with an additional $6 for shipping. There will be a discount in shipping cost for orders of two or more books.

We've installed a little button on our web bar that will allow you to place an order for books with Holly of Crownlaiddown. Holly is the lead Siesta, who organized and produced the entire project, for her we are most grateful.

Once you press the 'Order Here' button, you'll be brought to an order form. After completing the form, press 'send' to have the information sent to Holly, who will then contact you with a total and various payment options.

Pass it On!

We quickly forward inspirational stories and videos via email all the time... as we lift prayer and praise for the content shared...this should be no exception.

Pass it on, let others partake of the blessing.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like an amazing project. I will purchase one this evening when my hubbie gets home with the card. I am glad someone has stepped up to the plate to do something instead of depending on others, who depend on others, and then nothing doesn’t get done.