Saturday, October 25, 2008

Breaking Free Results

Results are in for the Breaking Free taping ticket give away.

Loved your comments of encouragement and prayer. I wish there were enough spare tickets for you all. Maybe some other time.

The randomly selected recipients are:

LaVonda and Di.

Congratulations ladies!

I can hardly wait to meet you both!

God Bless you all and praying you all have a wonderful Sunday.

In His love,


Lindsee said...

What a blessing you are to these ladies. I hope y'all have an amazing time. While y'all are there with Miss Beth, we'll be taking a week off of bible study and I'll be getting ready for my girls retreat! Have a blast in HIS name that week!


lavonda said...

Blessing, indeed! Thank you again Tammy.

Now I'M 'grateful in Ga' too! :)