Thursday, September 18, 2008

thoughtful and tender

Don't know about the rest of you, but regarding this bloggin thing...boy, does it give me pause at times.



For whatever reason, what's pecked out on this keyboard better ring true or it's not being posted.

Not for me anyway.

Little or big things, makes no difference...if I type it out, it's gotta be genuine and from my heart.
So right now, at a very late hour when I should be catchin some Z's I am struggling to finish up a post for Heart to Heart.

The struggle?

The average subject matter on this blog ranges from
"Pancake Saturdays" to "Cardboard Testimonies".

That's about as intense as it gets.

Much more revealing, thoughtful and tender as discussions are of a very delicate nature.

Again...don't know about ya'll, but when I'm writing about the deeper matters of my journey's, I pretty much travel back in time.

Consequently, the realities of then are as near as the next memory I put to keyboard. Sometimes I feel as though I am one syllable from sliding back into my firmer but more troubled skin of then.

Once there I see, smell, hear, feel and touch everything all over again.

In order to be of any use, this is exactly how it needs to be...honest recollections .

Course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

That said, during the course of avoiding my post, this evening I found a wonderful video I just gotta share.

Very appropriate and here's why.

As I reflect back through the seasons of my life the pain, trials, heartaches and loss I've experienced, one thing has been constant throughout it all.

I never lost my praise...never.

For that, I am most Grateful.



Melinda said...

Oh, to not lose your praise. Isn't that really the secret; the bricks that pave our road to true recovery? Thanks for not keeping it a secret and allowing that truth to spur others along the road.

Love to you this day, lovely friend,

Georgia Jan said...

Oh sooooooooooooooooooo good, Hallelujah and Thank You Jesus - no matter what, we CANNOT LOSE OUR PRAISE. We must always ABOUND IN HOPE. I love this - I am so thankful. I heard this song sung on a Brooklyn Tabernacle CD about 3 weeks ago and it ministered to deep places in my heart.

And so have you, my North GA girlfriend...

Love ya much,

Polly said...

Dearest Tee, Sister, Friend,
Whoa. This video IS you! It is your song and your attitude.
I have watched you become a bubbling stream -- no, a river of living water is flowing from, it is gushing from you. You obviously have begged God to fill you with Himself, and He clearly has, and now it is pouring out of you into the lives of all of us who know you...and who read the anointed words that your are composing on your computer keyboards. Whoa, Sister, let the rivers continue to flow!
Love & blessings,

Michelle Bentham said...

Oh Tammy! This needs to go up at Heart to Heart, Too! Such a beautiful post, I feel, hear and see your heart - and, I taste the salt in your tears.

Blessings... Sweet sister. Blessings.

jennyhope said...

I can not stand I am with you. I can tell you the same sometimes I go back and it feels so surreal and my man just can't understand. When I go to Shelby's grave...I know that she is not there but it punches me in the stomach. I am so thankful to know the Lord through it all!!!

twinkle said...

I read your post on Heart to Heart.
You are too far away from me right now.
Because I just want to hold you.
And cry with you.
She is so beautiful. Yes, is.
I walked this road with my sister when her son was killed in an accident Easter of '05. Right after my own two daughters turned their backs on me when I escaped my home of hell on earth. No reconciliation yet, but I keep trusting and praising Him, too.
Your joy was just so overflowing in San Antonio...I had no idea your heart had been crushed and stomped. Only Jesus...only Jesus can give what you have.
Just know that Jesus is cheering you on every time you are an overcomer. Press on. He is so beautiful in you. I know He is Alive and Active because of you and your endurance.