Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Bunny! Go!!

Last night marked the arrival of a very special guest…


Oh and her trusty sidekick

The ‘K’ Man

For those of you not privy to fine televised entertainment such as say...Noggin,
You may wonder

What makes Super Bunny, super?

Super Bunny can fly any where to help people or animals out with a problem.

Soop’ can also use her long ears to wrap around tree branches and swing up even higher or…are you ready for this?

Use those same ears on Christmas trees to swat the snow off.
That’s direct from the bunnies mouth!

You too can be a Super Bunny:

  1. Just grab an extra pair of PJ’s,
  2. Wear the bottoms on your head
  3. Tie the top around your neck as your super cape and you are set!

    Go Bunny! Go!!

*Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or animated, is purely coincidental


connorcolesmom said...

They are so cute!
That sounds like so much fun
We unfortunately do not have Noggin but it has the cutest shows
I miss you sweet Tammy!
Love ya

Michelle Bentham said...

I love this, Tammy. It is so cute. I love children... They have vividly real imaginations.

We went to dinner with our family on Sunday and my 2 year old nephew was there. He is a bit of a card. My brother was late because young Ben had chosen to decorate his bed, wall and self with a dirty diaper after waking from his nap. YUCK!

However, upon arriving at dinner - he was all smiles and laughter. Mischief seems to be his middle name.

I looked down the table with 18 people on either side and he saw me... I waved and he giggled. When I finally made it down to him to say high he was banging on the table with his chopsticks like a rock star!

By the end of the meal my brother, Scott was handing out small lemon bundt cakes to everyone. I went and got Ben and his cake and took him to my seat.

As he sat playing with his cake and eating it, he tossed a piece on the table and began to pound the table with his fists. "Scott! Scott! Scott!" he growled. It was so funny all we could do was laugh. Then he grabbed the piece of cake and shoved it in his mouth!

Love them to pieces. I will definitely have to play super bunny with them at our Christmas sleepover.

God is so very good to help us to remember those things worthy of His glory... and to allow us to continue to build precious memories as we carry on even in sorrow!

Praying for God's joy and mercy to wash over you and be a covering to you as you begin to walk in His fullness once again!


Michelle Bentham said...

Love the New Layout by the way! Look Great! (meant to say that earlier but my email distracted me! URGGGH!)