Thursday, September 4, 2008

as Mandy says, "Don't Live there, do something!"

Cheryl of Probaugh's Blog is guest hosting for and her series on "Everyday Doers". The series will run through the month of September and promises to generate all manner of challenges and questions. Please take time and be a part of this dialogue, you will not be disappointed.

Now I:
Reiterate Mandy's call to action,

“Don’t live there, do something!”

This mornings questions prompted the following thoughts:

I am a very private person.

Historically, I have kept to myself and my little family, in the belief there was nothing I had to offer that God would possibly use. Too much of a mess and not churchy enough.

I have kept a journal since I was a young girl; most were intimate conversations with God that brought me through some of the most difficult seasons of my life. I will always be grateful for the teachers who promoted this habit in my early years.

It has taken the death of my youngest child over 3 years ago to light a fire under me that will not be put out. At the same time I was given the awesome responsibility of parenting 2 of my eldest daughters children.

As if that was not enough, I reluctantly, but obediently began putting myself out there in other ways, thrusting my hand and heart to just about anyone I encounter, all the while asking God to put people in my path that I might encourage and share His good news with.

This behavior bares no resemblance to my former safe self.

Traveling through the darkest seasons of my life, God has given me a passion and boldness to spend whatever time and resources I have left to let His light shine. I shutter to think someone might crossed my path and ultimately face God at judgement, someone whom I failed to share the message of Jesus Christ with. Ooooo!

I struggled about a year ago trying to know exactly what God's purpose was for my life. Once I laid down my thoughts, beliefs and designs on how He might use me, I found myself regularly challenged to be a part of things I would have naturally run from.
Daily I am directed to face things that get out of my comfort zone and do stuff I previously believed were best left to other…more gifted members of the body of Christ.

Try as I might to limit myself based on my circumstance, God keeps redefining who I think I am…growing and stretching me in ways I would never dream.

I have learned, unlike the general consensus, to say: yes, not no, to be open to change, not set in my ways and in all ways and things put Him first. Wow, have the blessings flowed!

This blogging thing…authentic blogging, is challenging and painful at times. But beyond any of the doubts that try to hamper me, I am certain this is the time and a medium I’m to be a part of. Until He directs me differently, this is one of the places I will be shining His light.

Today's Questions:

"What is God calling you to do today? And more importantly how will you respond? "

What is God calling me to do today? To share my testimony, encourage, write and maybe...teach? Eeeeech!?%!
Encouragement is definitely one of my gifts, and comes like breathing to me. I’m amazed that for many, they would rather hold back encouragement to others out of some fear of diminishing themselves or worse, cause another to get ‘the big head’…it doesn't add up to me,

Sharing my testimony is difficult, whether written or verbal, so often I write about it or finish speaking believing what I uttered was completely unintelligible, only to hear from others how blessed they were. That’s when I know beyond any doubt…this is God! Thank you Jesus for translating the abundance that spills from my heart.

How will I respond? I see no choice here. I must follow His lead, look to Him daily not me, putting one foot in front of the other with confidence that He has the plan, He will provide the knowledge, and He will raise me up when I don’t see or understand what He has in mind. At fifty years old, what a thrilling ride to be on! I plan to hang in there as long as God wills it!


mandy said...

Wow... This was powerful to read. Thanks for participating.

May God's strength rest on you.

Michelle Bentham said...

I had a great comment all written and hit the submit button and now it is lost in cyberville somewhere. I will email you later Mrs. Tammy about your great calling. I see it, believe that or not. And have much encouragement for you.

This post is powerful. It is so hard to realize that call to something greater than we would choose for ourselves. Pray up, Word up and Move up my friend. God is calling and it is one wild ride.

Love you, and thanks for your wonderful comment over at Heart to Heart. God at work in me... a Powerful beyond Measure result when I yield to His power, His direction and His purpose.

Isn't He good? In a word, Yes! Yes, indeed He is.

Georgia Jan said...

Tammy: Yes - you ARE an encourager and you impacted my life greatly in the short but sweet encounters we had in San Antonio at the Siesta Fiesta. I see a very beautiful and GENUINE woman of great faith...and a whole lot of FUN! You blessed me!

I say let's get all the Georgia Siestas together for a reunion really soon! Okay?

I'll help - just give me a holler!

Love ya lots,
Georgia Jan

twinkle said...

Maybe the Blue Willow Inn at Social Circle?
Tammy, you are aglow with His Love! Literally aglow!
In spite of our not knowing each other, you made me feel like we were the best of friends. Too bad we didn't have more time to actually get to know each other. Let's do meet again somewhere soon!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Yea:) I agree 100% with Mandy:)
So glad you found her blog and was inspired:) She's da bomb!:)
Be Blessed:)


Profbaugh said...

You are on fire girlfriend!! I'm speechless (not an easy thing to do to me, by the way).

Thanks so much for all your encouragement. You truly are a gem! Keep glowing with His love.

Love ya,

Michelle Bentham said...

Hey stop on over and see why I believe I'm supposed to be a tree in response to this Everyday Doers deal. (WARNING: NO TIME TO EDIT NOW, so read with care, typos and all!)


jennyhope said...

This post just punched me in the gut and just makes my heart ache...even though I know we are ok.
Please pray for me to have the same boldness. You are shining for Christ and your countenance radiates Him.
ps anytime you would like to blow the breath of encouragement my way...I'll take some...LOL