Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HOPE in a pair of socks...

HOPE in a pair of socks...

One of the joys of Hope2Africa camps are the little gifts we are able to give our youth. From hoodies and jeans to toothbrushes and a backpack we have seen the power of gifts that help meet their daily needs. During one camp we had a case of socks donated and when it came time to present the kids with their brand new shoes and socks they went nuts over the socks. What you need to understand is that for most of these youth, this was the first new pair of shoes they had ever been presented with and therefore we were all puzzled at their overwhelming joy regarding the socks. We asked a couple of the kids why the socks were such a big deal and what we discovered was that shoes are a necessity (and they WERE grateful) but socks are a luxury, especially the cushy kind that we had presented them with that day.

We’re only scratching the surface in understanding the devastating effects of poverty, disease and a racial history that devalued black South Africans but one thing we have learned for certain – it is often in the little things, the hug with an “I love you”, the praise of work well done or even a cushy pair of socks that HOPE is found. The youth of Hope2Africa are growing up caught in a world that screams from every corner that they are disposable and of no value. God says otherwise and so do we.

Help us tell more African youth that they are loved, that they are valued by Jesus, that they deserve a pair of cushy socks.

So what can YOU do?

1- Pray:

Pray that we will receive the resources we need to not only keep Hope2Africa going in Masi year round, but to also expand to other squatter camps.

Pray our Hope2Africa youth will be "beautiful feet" as they share the Gospel with their people using the arts.

2- Donate your Status (Facebook or Twitter): How beautiful are the feet that carry the Good News of the Gospel. Be involved personally in pouring Jesus into the life of a teen living in poverty in the squatter camps of South Africa. Help empower and disciple the next generation of leaders. Pray, give, go.

3- Spread the Word: Start planning! Can you gather your friends, neighbors or co-workers together this week to tell them about Hope2Africa? Show them our Encourage others to get involved in Hope2Africa.

4- Get Involved: What can your office, Sunday School class, friends or neighbors donate in the way of gifts to our Hope2Africa youth? What resources are in your sphere of influence?

Becky Harris

Founder and President, Hope2Africa


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