Monday, November 8, 2010

HOPE has a name...

Today we begin 7 days of HOPE and in the spirit of beginnings we want you to know how God inspired the creation of Hope2Africa. Becky Harris, our fearless leader, was on a trip to South Africa and one day as she road past an enormous Squatter Camp God began to stir something in her heart. “There are people who live in those shacks; people who matter, people Jesus died for, people with names. But how will they know they matter if no one tells them?” That heart stirring was the first step of Hope2Africa’s journey – to see the individual and to know them by name.

We now have had over thirty-five youth participate in the last two years of Hope2Africa Masiphumelele. We know their stories, we have felt their hurts and we have shared their joys. This week we want to share their lives with you, to invite you into their world and then ask that you partner with us in equipping young Africans to sharing the beautiful HOPE of Jesus in those dark places. So what can YOU do?

1- Pray today:

■Pray for our Hope2Africa youth.

■Pray that they will know Jesus values them and has a plan for their life.

2- Donate your Facebook or Twitter profile by using our logo as your profile pic

3- Spread the Word - post this as your FB status today: How can you bring Hope to youth living in poverty surrounded by HIV/aids in the squatter camps of South Africa? Get involved with Hope2Africa. Check out to find out more about this amazing ministry!

4- Get involved: watch our Hope2Africa video at and share it with 3 people today.

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