Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday - 7 Days of Hope

I am using this multitude monday to usher in 

 7 days of HOPENovember 8-14, 2010

During the next 7 days I encourage you to follow links, watch video, read blogs and other messages to follow.  In this season of Thanksgiving, with so much we have to be thankful for, open your heart and mind to the ways God is using Hope2Africa to shower hope on our brothers and sisters living and ministering in South African Squatter camps.

What is a Squatter Camp?
Settlements with shacks made of wood, cardboard, tin and other scrap material. Whole families live in a single shack, the size of a garden shed. Open fires are used for cooking and candles for light - shacks often catch fire when there are accidents. There is no running water, sewerage pipes, gas or electricity. Squatter camps are now known as informal settlements and those with designated streets are known as Townships.
Hope2Africa begun in the Squatter Camp known as Masiphumelele or Site 5. Masiphumelele (translated from Xhosa “we will succeed”) is a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa and home to approximately 30,000 people. Amenities are scarce and it is estimated that 30-40% of the community are infected with HIV and/or TB.

What does Hope2Africa do?

Hope2Africa trains African Christian youth in the Creative Arts in order that they might share the Hope of Jesus with their own communities. We use weekly meetings, one-week day-camps and weekend workshops to train. Hope2Africa members are recommended by their church and school leaders based upon their desire to train in the arts and the personal character they demonstrate.

The youth are trained in the following art forms: Drama, Dance, Singing, Creative Writing/Script Writing, Painting & Set Design/Construction. The youth help write, construct and then perform within their own communities first and then in neighboring townships. Hope2Africa youth are trained to use the materials available in their everyday surroundings thus encouraging them to see everything as usable and not to feel limited by any lack of resources. Each member of Hope2Africa member is fully scholarshipped by supporters of Hope2Africa Inc.

Watch this video see how Hope2Africa is being used to bring hope and eternal changes in otherwise hopeless situations.

Please prayerfully consider joining me & dedicate this week, through emails, social network status.   At this beginning of this season of thankfulness help share 7 days of HOPE with your readers, family and friends.

God bless!
'The Method is the Arts - the Message is Jesus'


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