Monday, July 27, 2009

On Teeth Pulling and Visits from the Tooth Fairy

My baby grand pulled her first tooth last night. Normally one might say ‘lost’ her first tooth, but in our case that would be inaccurate. Miss Kyra lost her first tooth when she was barely one year old.

Our first grandchild walked early, learned to run shortly thereafter and did her best to keep her us on our toes. Keep in mind her Pawpaw and I had not chased toddlers for nearly 3 decades. We were grossly out of step, often hustling to keep pace with this spry baby child.

Kyra had always been good about staying with us as we loaded her in and out of high chairs, slings, strollers or car seats. We were grateful she was such a good listener, following our instructions…until the day she didn’t.

One morning Mr. B and I headed out with our baby grand in tow. We sat the girl child down long enough to ready her car seat and had no more turned our heads than the little thing darted off. Away she ran toward the back deck and up the stairs she bound as fast as her little legs would take her.

Pawpaw and I bolted to her rescue only to arrive a step too late. We watched in that slow motion kind of way as she laughed then smiled broadly while tumbling head first down the stairs. Because we were one step behind I caught her mid cartwheel. Unfortunately, by this time, she bumped one step too many with her first flip.

We originally thought she busted her lip because of all the blood. On closer inspection we saw a space in her lower front tooth area and believed she had knocked her tooth to one side. Once we cleaned her mouth and got a good look we realized Kyra was missing a chomper.

With a bit of looking we discovered the entire baby tooth (root and all) had popped out in one piece during the fall. There was no other injury to her, not even a busted lip, just her very long baby tooth laying on the step. I‘ve always believed it was that open smile as she fell which spared her more harm and allowed that ‘little bite’ to jump out, damaging nothing else. A very odd accident.

Having heard marvelous things pediatric dentist could do with lost teeth; we put the tooth in a glass of milk and called her dentist. Much to our disappointment the dentist told us not to bother, as it would be far too traumatic to put the tooth back in with no guarantee of it surviving.

The Pawpaw man and I were guilt stricken. How did we allow one of our baby grands to break?

Kyra has been oblivious to the loss. Her playmates assume she is ahead of them on teeth pulling and visits from the tooth fairy.

When asked she will happily tell you how she ran off as a baby and lost the tooth when she bounced down some stairs. As for Pawpaw and me? We cringe at the memory and have never been more delighted recently to see her permanent tooth finally make an appearance. Within days of her new growth an adjacent tooth started loosening and it’s removal has been a work in progress.

Last night Kyra lost her second tooth. As our little gal examined her prize and the gap left in it’s wake, she grabbed her chiclet, snuggled up close, looked me in the eye and ask,

“Will you still love me the same way now that I’m missing a tooth?”

Surprised, I assured her, “Of course I will and I will love you more. Losing teeth are signs your growing older. In your lifetime there has never been a day pass that I have not loved you more - teeth in or out that much will never change.” I was immediately given a wonderful hug and toothy-less smile. I am most blessed!

So on that looong note I continue my list of all that I am grateful for.

105. Teeth (see above)

106. Spending the day fishing with the family, returning home with nothing but wind blown hair and a sore face from an all day smile.
107. Text messages from my children - how many ways can we tell someone we love them?

108. The baby grands on conference calls, my how they are growing up! 109. The prayers of righteous women

110. Songs from my youth that bring me face to face with my Savior

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Maria said...

Good morning Tammy!
I'm writing you as the lovely song: Sweet Jesus plays in the background (opened a new firefox window ;o)

Your lake fishing photo is so peaceful ~ a treat for the eyes.

Can you believe we keep in touch with loved ones with such wild technology!
skyping, texting, phone conferencing! ENJOY YOUR FAMILY
They are a treasure!

Grace & Joy to you ~ Maria