Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Haunted Christmas

Once we returned home I had a few short days before our family arrived.

This year, my son and daughter in love drove over night and arrived in time to wake Kyra and celebrate Christmas morning with the entire family.
What a time we had!
The first look!
This was this little fellows first Christmas and first visit to Georgia
Unpacking stockings: a favorite part of Christmas morning
Time to open gifts
The oldest grand is a heavy duty Star Wars fan
Her favorite gift was a Light Saber of course!

For Mister K, it was all about the cars

Imagine, Santa even got Kylie's gifts to Georgia, her favorite?
A breakfast meal from McDonald's' - that Santa!

The entire family stayed with us for almost a week. We played lots of games, put puzzles together to into the wee hours.

My arms and heart overflowed!

Dave and Beth were gifted with a cruise vacation leaving right after New Years.

After much twisting of arms (jk) we agreed to babysit.
This gave us an opportunity to spend a bunch of quality time with all the four grands.

The three older kids found lots to keep them busy
they usually do.

Did I mention Star Wars was big this year?

These two never get bored especially with each other

and this baby doll?

He reminded mawmaw of his daddy, sweet as sugar as long as he did not have a belly ache. Unfortunately, Mr. Brock had the tummy ache a great deal of the time. So B-Rock and mawmaw spent all kinds of quality time our jammies.

Rest at last
Bless their hearts!

Throughout the entire holiday and every day spent with my baby grands,
I was haunted with a memory....this photo summed it up

Note the Christmas catalog resting under this little guys head. This fella lived in a small home with his mama and 9 siblings. That afternoon, his house was filled to the brim with all of us who came to visit...yet he never budged.

What was he dreaming of just a few days before Christmas?


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Oh my goodness....I had an Easy Bake OVen and LOVED it!! What memories that brings back. I may have to include that in my Remember When? series that I just started over at The Point.


Cindy said...

So much fun! I love family time and I know that you enjoy your grands so much.

Kate said...

What fun. Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas too!