Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday, Rodents and Bible Girl

This morning marks the last winter catch up post.
February arrived with a flurry of activity. Starting with our Deara Kyra turning 7. We found ourselves a bit unprepared for the bout of melancholy that struck the child during her last week of six.
The child really enjoyed six. Six had been good to her and she was not so comfortable setting six aside.
With much assurance that seven held a wealth of potential and should be given a chance Miss K decided to give it her best grade school try and so the celebration commenced.

The morning she turned 7 it was pouring down rain, but we had sunshine in our hearts. The girl surrendered her aging insecurities and with much fanfare we began a day of celebration as any good birthday should with a big dose of carbs covered topped in icing and confetti sprinkles.
Kyra's actual breakfast included a side of milk and not coffee as pictured above.
We must after all have some golden carrot to hold out there enticing the child to turn 8 next year.
Dutiful parent I am, at school days end I delivered juice boxes an assortment of flavorful cupcakes covered in rainbow icing and more even more confetti sprinkles to Kyra's classmates. The better to send them home sugared up don't you know.

Before dinner and games at Dave and Busters,

a few gifts.

oh the Birthday joy!

Yes that would be more Star Wars!
Our eldest baby grand was born and raised in Georgia. Mr. B and I hail from the Midwest. We love Georgia, but anyone who knows me knows how I adore snow. We do not get much 'real' snow in Dixie. The severe winter weather we have experienced since moving south would be a dusting up north. To be fair you should know Atlanta has a half dozen 'sand' trucks and one deicer at the airport. When a dusting hits Atlanta, the city virtually shuts down.
So my baby grand thought she knew snow.
A few days after Kyra's birthday we both received a gift,
about 3 inches of snow.
We were happy girls
Kyra got to build her first snowman
This photo was taken when we had about an inch and a half of snow,
which explains so many the leaf accents.
The next day mid winter break was on. The snow caused our flight to be canceled but we would not be denied, fearlessly we piled in the ol crossover and we headed for sunny Florida.
Besides spending all available time in the sun, on the beach and poolside, we took a day trip over to Tampa to spend some time with our good buddy Mary.
We had a fabulous lunch at Frenchy's on the beach. By days end we made our way back to our hotel home having collected treasure of cool shells, a real sea sponge
and a new friend.
Thank you Miss Mary.
Her name is Sugar
We were staying in Orlando so of course we visited another popular Florida rodent
At winter breaks end we took our rested sun burned tanned bodies home.
After a week, this was all that remained of our frosty friend.
This past Sunday evening Miss Kyra was part of 197 First graders honored to receive a new Bible and highlighter from Pastor Johnny.
This was the most beautiful and excited group you would ever want to see. Were they ever thrilled to have their new Bibles.
The next day after school this is who emerged from the sun room, none other than
'Bible Girl' Armed with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and highlighter at the ready.
Tuesday of this week Dr. Seuss's (had he lived) would have celebrated his 106th Birthday. In his absence and remembrance Kyra's school planned to celebrate by allowing everyone to dress as a Seuss character, have a big read-a-thon and fun snacks like green eggs and ham.
Her Seuss day celebration was cut short due to a dusting of our favorite winter treat.
This marked 10 days of snow in Atlanta this year, love it!
Wednesday arrived, the snow was gone and we belatedly celebrated the good doctors birth.
Our little Whovillian
So there you go dear blog, you are pretty much caught up.
It's now Friday, and I plan to join many others volunteering at the Casting Crowns concert being held at our church tonight. I go with great anticipation, expecting a blessing.


Cindy said...

You have been busy! Kyra is beautiful and I loved her Whovillian outfit.

Hope your day is blessed!

Sheryl said...

Love those pictures!