Friday, December 4, 2009

A Heavenly Harvest Indeed!

It has taken more than a week to process all the grace and glory of God has showered us with these past few weeks. More in depth details will be posted in separate notes via the Shepherds Spotlight and over here, at the Fleece for the Flock Blog.

For now, the highlight reel of our first ever

Heaven-ly Harvest Hoedown

With lots of helpful hands (and backs)
we set things up the day before.

(Note the lady with all the hand prints on her shirt?)

Do NOT let her loose with a shopping cart

By Friday night we wereMiss Piggy Sue
Hoedown ready!

Saturday morning bright and early
The Food Arrives

at this time I am compelled to share that we actually thought we would have only 12 baguettes and not nearly enough soup...we seriously entertained the idea of cooking up some soup of our own.
(I can’t believe we ever contemplated that Mary )

we stood on our faith we believed God would provide,

and of course we then found ourselves inundated with so much delicious soup and baked goods that by days end, we were able to share our God sent banquet with yet another local ministry that afternoon.

(note Jim in the background serving scrumptious New England chowder from one of 5 - five gallon pails courtesy of The Marietta Fish Market - WOO HOO!!)
God is so good!!!

These loaves

and ohhh so much more
compliments of
the Atlanta Bread Company
are just a portion of the way God chose to bless us this event.

(Thanks for the curbside service Danny!)
stay tuned for a multitude of side stories to come later...they will bless and encourage you so!

Initially, traffic was on the slow side

then before we knew it...

the party had started!

Beginning with MC Brown...Bill Brown that is

who began by leading us in prayer then proceeded to introduce the crowd to an assortment of talented and generous individuals.

We treasured the soulful songs of Heather Richardson

we rocked with the Church on the Street Band
( these folks are sooo good! )
One little guy couldn't get close enough…

for some…not so much!
Then Johnny Hall and Company

blessed us with some awesome Southern Gospel tunes

and we partied on!

(so you know...this would be an interpretive dance)

We originally planned to use 16 tying tables


one demonstration table (for folks wishing to learn the WHOLE process)

Before we knew it...

The fleece handlers had taken over food tables…

stretched onto the floor

and podiums??

A very dedicated and resourceful crowd

There were blanket angels everywhere

with a bit of help from one darling Blanket Angel maker!

thank you Miss Pat!

Before long

not very long...just long

We were through with the tying and all about the packing!

Everyone pitched in. (See that lady in the green sweater?)
That would be Georgia State House Representative Charlice Byrd...she ties a mean knot!

We are certain Johnny Hall has never sang to such an group. What a trooper and such talent!

Thanks for spending your Saturday with us Johnny.

A little after noon

we had 15 football field lengths of fleece cut, tied and ready to send to West Virginia!!

Each one of these blankets was prayed over (many times!!) and rolled with a thoughtful Christmas card lovingly written by those who made the covers.

Saturday, November 21st 2009

A day filled with abundant joy, love and laughter.

and yes, that would be Elvis

who serenaded us as we packed and headed home.

Mary and I wish to thank everyone (near and far) who supported us in making this event the success it was.
Including by not limited to:

Johnny Hall & Company

Kudzu Smith

Holly Smith of
Crown Laid Down Designs

Mom's Care

Linda and her flock in Maryland

The First Baptist Church of Woodstock, especially the music ministry for allowing us to share their resourses as we manage this whole operation.
'Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them". The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.' Psalm 126:2-3


Leah said...

WOW!!! WOW!! The Lord blessed ya'll in huge ways!! What a blessing you are and that fleece will be.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Stop by over at The Point and see the fun thing I am doing with the book I won on your blog.


Kate said...

Yaay. Two thumbs up (only 'caust that's all the thumbs I have)!