Monday, November 9, 2009

Mulitude Monday - On Canton Road

Like many Monday's the day began with a list.
After traveling for over two weeks, just getting my luggage unpacked yesterday (I am the only one who does that...right?) and with this event less than 2 weeks away my TD list was pretty substantial.

With coffee in one hand and list in the other, I was off and running. After several errands around town I had done all the damage I could do and headed home to continue working there.
But God had other plans.
As I drove down the road the Holy Spirit gently stirred within me urging me to make a left into an area restaurant parking. The message was clear, go in and ask for food - soup in particular for our event.
I admit that the thought crossed my mind that maybe I had sent myself the message, but I quickly tossed that thinking aside recognising the familiar voice of my Comforter. Besides, I was ready to go home, I was sure this was not my idea.
Once inside, I asked to speak to the manager. Someone went to get him while I chatted with the hostess.
Once the manager, Carlos arrived we moved to another quieter location. As quickly as possible I introduced myself and began sharing about the event, where it would be held, McDowell County when this young man told me he was also a member of my church and knew about the need in West Virginia. He went on to say their restaurant, The Marietta Fish Market would be supporting this event....what did we need? Soup, bread, what?
I began crying and praising God. Not because I was surprised that God was once again paving our way for this project.
No, this was yet another God Stop moments.
The tears and praise came from realising at that
very Canton Highway...
God's Spirit stirred me into making a left and not going on home.
And this time...I listened and was so blessed in sharing this very intimate moment with my Father.
Dear Lord, may I never forget, go the other way or take a single God Stop for granted.
#112) A God Stop on Canton Road

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Sheryl said...

Praise the LORD! He is so good to just meet the needs. We must remember to listen for HIS voice.

So glad you heard Him.


Cindy said...

This week in our "Me, Myself and Lies" Bible Study, Jennifer Rothschild said, "The Holy Spirit will not shout down the noise of our busy world to counsel you. He won't try to silence all the racket in your thought closet to be heard. To hear His counsel, we have to quiet ourselves and truly listen."

Tammy, you were truly listening for God.



amyanne said...

That's so cool!