Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unlikely Mothers

Recently, a friend of mine shared a poem she was ask to pen in honor of Mother's Day.  As I read her prose, my heart overflowed and images filled my mind as I reflected on some of the unlikely mothers I know, love and am blessed to call friend. 

The Unlikely Mother

She stands alone with none to call her own
Barren, unmarried, or her moment has passed on
Whatever the case she is crowned with grace

For Isaiah says many will fill her empty place
She always opens her door to just one more
If there is nowhere else, they can sleep on the floor

Her words are as strong as the confidence she carries
Not for a moment being thought of as just ordinary

She is a wisdom provider, mercy giver, and Christ lover
She is blessed among women; she is the unlikely mother
She may not have given birth to her child
But she will stand in the gap to keep them undefiled

She cradles her children with unconditional love
Because her heart understands they were sent from above

She is a truth seeker, Word speaker, secret keeper…maybe even a cover
But above all else, she is the unlikely mother
She has enriched my own life, So I reach out to another
To embrace the responsibilities of the unlikely mother

Thank you Kate Stoker for allowing me to share your lovely poem.


Kate said...

Oh that Georgia glow! *sigh* Thanks Tammy, I like the acknowledgement to the unlikely mom's in your life. :) I read this at rehersal on Wednesday and was invited to an open mic night tonight to share my "other work" umm, right, other get

Sheryl said...


I love that poem. I became a mother when the preacher said, "You may kiss your bride." But, my sweet daughter is the best. I could not have given birth to anyone better. Besides, I'm a whiner so God did not want to hear that for 9 months. (LOL).


Lora said...

Kate's poem is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I am so proud of her and praying for her as she shares it today.

Happy Mother's Day to you Tammy. You have been a blessing to me, an unlikely mother to me. I praise the LORD for you dear one. May His goodness enfold you today in many special ways.

With love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

That poem is completely my aunt Jackie. She is my aunt and second mother to me, my brother and cousins. Spiritual mother to countless Mission Friends, Acteens and Sunday school children for 50 years and counting.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful poem!!! Just visiting from another blog!