Monday, November 10, 2008

Spook'n a Ride and 'Hallelujah Parade'

After a long hiatus of Lovin Loud, Trippin, Treating, get'n out the vote and a week of yucky cold I thought it is was about time to post a little something.
So as I wait for the beginning of a week immersed in the Word with one of my favorite Bible teachers, I give you the following photo journal that chronicles a few of the more colorful happenings of me and mine. Enjoy!

For starters:

Our neighborhood hosted a
'Spook Your Ride Halloween Parade'.

Children and some adults walked and rode various rides while parading through a segment of neighborhood.

One of the not so spooky rides

At the end of the route an assortment of games and treats awaited, including hot dogs, s'mores and inflatables.

What's not to love?

For our crew it was more like a 'Hallelujah Parade'
as you may have noticed from the costume choices.

The cool thing is, these kids choose their own dress
which resulted in an adorable collection of Biblical Super Hero's.

The eldest Angel and a Snow Princess
Check out those accessories!

In attendance at this years festivities were 3 angels, 1 Moses and 1 Joseph and an assortment of princesses, ninjas and the obligatory Hanna Montana. Honestly, each one sweeter than the next.

Our little man was not available to trick his ride,

but Mommy brought him by Halloween eve where he had a howling good time.

He and big sis doing a bit a bonding

and a bit more.
This would be some of the howling started.

Free at last!

Now we're talk'n! Where's the candy?

Sister had the best luck at getting Mr. K to smile

a real charmer

Um....was that due to her stellar photography skills,
silly head dress or cool camera?

As expected the real thrill came as the two went door to door displaying much cuteness in hopes of filling their bag and pumpkin with goodies.

One of our more creative neighbors in the 'hood'. How cute are they?

True to form, our little man was most enthusiastic at the realization he was being encouraged to walk by himself, through leaves, up stairs and we about lost him all together when we encountered a motion activated spooky sound machine hidden in a rock. That one really cracked him up!

Unfortunately for him, his night ended early when he tripped on a driveway and bonked his little head. After failed attempts to get him to hold a Little Pony ice pack on his noggin, his Mama took him home to wind down from the nights excitement.

By the time it was all over we had learned a few things:
  • Magic carriages can be just about anything and come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Little monsters don't bounce very well on pavement no matter how cute they are


  • You can do just about anything in angel wings....just plan on leaving a trail of feathers in your wake.


Sheryl said...

So cute...sometimes I wish I had done more with my daughter...but, she did trick or treat (still would if she could). Now she is a helper at our Trunk or Treat...


Melinda said...

I can't tell you how much I love that last picture! She looks so cute in that little angel outfit!


Billy Coffey said...

There's much to be said for neighbors, parades, and costumes. And it looks so warm there. I'm jealous.

ocean mommy said...

They are just precious! Looks like so much fun. :)